Waterfront Revitalization as a Challenging Urban Issue in İstanbul

Introduction Water was an important natural resource in the growth of early settlements. By having various features -a defense element, a source for agricultural production and trade, a means for transportation and industrial useswater offered many advantages for cities. Therefore, locations that existed on water’s edges, especially natural and protective harbors, became favorable sites for the foundation of ancient cities. So, contrary to contemporary condition, throughout the history, there was a close and integrated water-city relation.
Waterfront Revitalization as a Challenging Urban Issue, 42nd ISoCaRP Congress, (2006)


Operational hydrological forecasting of snowmelt runoff by remote sensing and geographic information systems integration
Tekeli, Ahmet Emre; Şorman, Ali Ünal; Department of Civil Engineering (2005)
Snow indicates the potential stored water volume that is an important source of water supply, which has been the most valuable and indispensable natural resource throughout the history of the world. Euphrates and Tigris, having the biggest dams of Turkey, are the two largest trans-boundary rivers that originate in Turkey and pass throughout the water deficit nations Syria, Iran, Iraq and Saudi Arabia bringing life as well as water all their way. Snowmelt runoff originating from the mountains of Eastern Turk...
Hierarchical approach to semi-distributed hydrological model calibration
Özdemir, Ayfer; Leloğlu, Uğur Murat; Abbaspour, Karim; Department of Geodetic and Geographical Information Technologies (2016)
In recent years, water resources were negatively affected from uncontrolled agricultural, industrial activities and settlements on river basins. Hydrologists and water resource managers have widely used hydrologic models as tools for water resources development, water environment preservation, water resources allocation and understanding utilization. In order to apply hydrological models successfully in practical water resources investigations, careful calibration and uncertainty analysis are needed. Hydrol...
Integrated Management of Archaeological Heritage: Mediterranean Coasts of Turkey
Nayci, Nida; Şahin Güçhan, Neriman (2007-11-17)
Mediterranean coastal areas possess great amount of historic and archaeological assets joined up with ecological and natural values. Many of these fragile environments were originally constructed on the dry-lands, which have been transformed into different environmental context with the evolution of coastal areas Over centuries and millennia. Today, increased population and poorly planned coastal activities are conflicting with the conservation principles of these fragile environments.
Arghavanian, Azar; Leloğlu, Uğur Murat; Akyürek, Sevda Zuhal; Department of Geodetic and Geographical Information Technologies (2022-2-04)
Efficient management of water resources is of great importance regarding ever increasing population and water droughts related to climate change. Drainage networks are important geomorphologic and hydrologic features which significantly control runoff generation. Recently, it has been feasible to monitor the earth’s surface and natural phenomena with the aid of remote sensing techniques. However, very high spatial resolution is needed for monitoring small waterways and knowledge of accurate drainage pattern...
Utilization of social networking services in conservation, case study Eskihisar, rural settlement including archeological assets
Kazıl Aydoğdu, Binnaz Eylem; Asatekin, Nafia Gül; Restoration in Department of Architecture (2012)
Traditional built-up environment, traditional life and ecological tissue that have been created in time by human beings are ignored on behalf of archeological assets in archeological areas on the rural settlements. However, the coexistence of archeological, architectural, ecological and traditional invariants must be preserved; this coexistence is a product of life style coming from early periods onwards. A unique scientific conservation approach should be developed for this kind of settlements in order to ...
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