Phytoplankton patches formed along the southern Black Sea coast inspring and summer 1996

Uysal, Zahit
Kıdeyş, Ahmet Erkan
Altukhov, D
Kuzmenko, L
Manjos, L
Mutlu, Erhan
Eker Develi, Elif


Phytoplankton patches formed along the southern Black Sea coast in spring and summer 1996
Uysal, Zahit; Kıdeyş, Ahmet Erkan; Altukhov, D; Kuzmenko, L; Manjos, L; Mutlu, E; Eker, E (1997-06-19)
Multivariate analysis performed on surface phytoplankton along Turkish coastal waters of Black Sea revealed presence of distinct aggregates of varying size and species composition. Much more spatial heterogeneity is observed in April than July. Five different small and large sized patchy aggregates were noticed in April 1996 via multivariate analysis (cluster and Multi-Dimensional Scaling, MDS). Based on 60% similarity level 6 different patches are observed in July 1996. Species composition and surface spat...
Phytoplankton distribution in the Caspian Sea during March 2001
Kıdeyş, Ahmet Erkan; Eker, E; Vladymyrov, V; Soloviev, D; Melin, F (2005-07-15)
Phytoplankton abundance, biomass and species composition of the Caspian Sea were evaluated by using samples collected from the Iranian (southern Caspian Sea) and southern Kazakhstan (eastern Caspian Sea) surface waters in March 2001. A total of 45 taxa were found in the samples (20 diatoms, 17 dinoflagellates and 8 others). Abundance and biomass of diatoms were high at the eastern stations, while dinoflagellates were dominant in terms of both biomass and abundance in the southern region. Average abundance a...
Phytoplankton distribution in the western and eastern Black Sea in spring and autumn 1995
Eker, E; Georgieva, L; Senichkina, L; Kıdeyş, Ahmet Erkan (1999-12-01)
Species composition, abundance, and biomass of micro- (>15 mu m) and nano(<15 mu m) phytoplankton were studied in the western and eastern Black Sea during March-April and October 1995. A total of 142 species were identified, of which >50% were dinoflagellates. Abundance and biomass values were lower during the March-April period (average 129 +/- 28 thousand cells I(-1) and 330 +/- 124 mu g I(-1)) than during the October period (average 364 +/- 161 thousand cells I(-1) and 1794 +/- 515 mu g I(-1)) and compar...
Phytoplankton biomass, primary production and chemoautotrophic production of the Western Black Sea in April 2003
Ediger, Dilek; Murray, James W.; Yılmaz, Ayşen (2019-10-01)
The multilayered surface waters of the Black Sea contain aerobic, suboxic and anoxic layers that support both photoautotrophic (PP) and chemoautotrophic (ChP) biological production. During the R/V Knorr cruise from 15 to 25 April 2003, phytoplankton biomass (represented as chlorophyll-a), photoautotrophic and chemoautotrophic production (ChP) rates were determined in the southwestern Black Sea. Surface CM-a concentrations ranged from 0.06 and 0.62 ug/1 for the whole study area. These low values suggest post...
Yılmaz, Ayşen; EDİGER, DİLEK; BAŞTÜRK, ÖZDEN; Tuğrul, Süleyman (1994-01-01)
Two expeditions in the northeastern Mediterranean by the R/V Bilim (in July 1988 and March 1989) scanned an area of about 3 x 10(5) km2 to determine, in situ, the relative fluorescence intensities of the upper layer waters. The in situ fluorescence intensities exhibited a fair correlation with the discrete chlorophyll-a concentrations when the concentrations exceeded 0.1 mug/L. Light intensities indicated that the euphotic zone had an average thickness of 100 m in the open waters. The deep chlorophyll-a max...
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Z. Uysal et al., Phytoplankton patches formed along the southern Black Sea coast inspring and summer 1996. 1998, p. 162.