Frankenstein's Monster: Rousseau's 'Natural Man' and Feminist/Androgynous Ideals Rolled into One



Frankenstein3d: human body reconstruction from limited number of points
Taştan, Oğuzhan; Sahillioğlu, Yusuf; Department of Computer Engineering (2019)
We propose a novel approach for reconstructing high-resolution 3D human body models from extremely small number of 3D points which represent body parts. We leverage a database of high-resolution 3D models of 100 humans varying from each other by physical attributes such as age, weight, size etc. We, first, divide the bodies in database into seven semantic regions. Then, for each input region consisting of maximum 40 points, we search the database for the best matching body part. For the matching criterion, ...
Neoliberalism and the alternative globalization movement
Öncan, Mehmet Onur; Tayfur, Mehmet Faih; Department of International Relations (2009)
This thesis aims to analyze the social reactions against neoliberalism by using the Polanyian concept of double movement. The goal is to first to understand the nature of alternative globalization movement and provide a better framework of analysis for theorizing these social reactions. The criticisms of the alternative globalization movement against the World Trade Organization will be analyzed in order to provide a specific case example for the concerns and goals of the movement regarding the global polit...
Cyber bullying: A new face of peer bullying
Erdur Baker, Özgür (2007-03-01)
Problem Statement: Information and communication technologies provide a wide range of benefits for schools but it comes with a cost: Cyber bullying (also called electronic bullying) as a new form of bullying has emerged from the misuse of those technologies. Although cyber bullying has been a growing concern in several countries, research substantiating this concern is limited.
Pluralism Versus Authoritarianism: Political Ideas in Two Islamic Publications
Ayata, Ayşe (I.B.Tauris, 1991-01-01)
Hamilton-Jacobi theory of discrete, regular constrained systems
Güler, Y. (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 1987-8)
The Hamilton-Jacobi differential equation of a discrete system with constraint equationsG α=0 is constructed making use of Carathéodory’s equivalent Lagrangian method. Introduction of Lagrange’s multipliersλ˙α as generalized velocities enables us to treat the constraint functionsG α as the generalized momenta conjugate toλ˙α. Canonical equations of motion are determined.
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N. Korkut Naykı, “Frankenstein’s Monster: Rousseau’s ‘Natural Man’ and Feminist/Androgynous Ideals Rolled into One,” 2001, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: 21st All-Turkey English Literature Conference Proceedings.