World War I Ephemera: Propaganda Posters and Leaflets



Savaş ekonomisi politikası ve Türkiye ekonomisi üzerindeki etkileri 1940-1945 = War economy and its impacts on Turkish economy during 1940-1945./
Özcan, Namık; Department of Economics (1980)
Global defense industrialization and cooperative behaviors of major powers
Akbay, Özde Aslı; Tayfur, Mehmet Fatih; Department of International Relations (2021-2-12)
This thesis analyzes global defense industrialization and the cooperative behaviors of major powers in this process. In order to explain the patterns of cooperation in the globalization period, a comparative historical analysis based on a case study approach will be conducted. With this aim, the influence of political, economic, and technological dimensions of global defense industrialization on cooperative behaviors of major actors will be explored following an eclectic approach based on Neorealist, Neolib...
Lloyd George and the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire
Çilingir, Sedat; Karal Akgün, Seçil; Department of History (2007)
David Lloyd George, who was the Prime Minister during the period of 1916-1922, served in the British Parliament almost half-century. This thesis focuses on his foreign policy concerning the Ottoman Empire during his Premiership. Lloyd George intruded himself into almost every aspect of the ‘Turkish Question’ during and after the World War I, and was at the ‘centre’ in determining the fate of the Ottoman Empire. Although, the effect of ‘forces’ of economics and social elements have replaced the ‘Great Man’ t...
World natural heritage potentials of Turkey
Kaya, Zeki (2016-07-12)
Great Britain and 'a small and poor peasant state': Turkey, Britain and the 1930 Anglo-Turkish Treaty of Commerce and Navigation
Boyar, Ebru (2021-03-01)
Taking the Anglo-Turkish Trade and Navigation Treaty, concluded in March 1930, as its focal point, this article investigates the relations between Turkey and Britain after the signing of the Treaty of Lausanne and suggests that the failure of the British government to understand the fundamental importance of economic independence for the governing elite of the new Turkish republic, combined with its conviction that the Turkish economy was failing, undermined Britain's ability to assess developments in the c...
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