Parametric optimization of the seat suspension of a two-dimensional tractor model.

Karabatur, Mehmet


Parametric cost estimation system for light rail transit and metro trackworks
Gunduz, Murat; Ugur, Latif Onur; Ozturk, Erhan (Elsevier BV; 2011-03-01)
The main objective of this work is to develop early cost estimation models for light rail transit and metro trackworks using the multivariable regression and artificial neural network approaches. These two approaches were applied to a data set of 16 projects by using 17 parameters available at the early design phase. The regression analysis estimated the cost of testing samples with an error of 2.32%. On the other hand, artificial neural network estimated the cost with 5.76% error, which was slightly higher...
Parametric study on the effect of structural and geotechnical properties on the seismic performance of integral bridges
Erhan, Semih; Dicleli, Murat (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2017-10-01)
In this paper practical techniques are introduced for detailed modeling of soil-pile and soil-abutment interaction effects for integral bridges (IBs). Furthermore, a parametric study is conducted to determine appropriate structural configurations and geotechnical properties to enhance the seismic performance of IBs. For this purpose, numerous nonlinear structural models of a two-span IB including dynamic soil-bridge interaction effects are built. Nonlinear time history analyses (NTHA) of the IB models are t...
Parametric design and investigation of grid fin aerodynamics in supersonic flow using computational fluid dynamics
Dinçer, Erdem; Sezer Uzol, Nilay (2022-01-01)
© 2022, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Inc, AIAA. All rights reserved.Recently, with the advances in modern missile industry, faster and more maneuverable missiles became fashionable. Designing fast and agile missiles requires efficient and strong control surfaces and grid fin is a candidate to fulfill this need. Grid fins are unconventional control surfaces, which has an outer frame supporting interior web structure. In this paper, “MICOM Grid Fin” wind tunnel experiments are used as th...
Parametric Study and Seasonal Simulations of a Solar Powered Adsorption Cooling System
Taylan, Onur; Baker, Derek Keıth; Kaftanoglu, Bilgin (2009-09-03)
Models of solar-thermal powered adsorption cooling systems with and without heat recovery developed in TRNSYS and results from steady-periodic and seasonal simulations are presented. A normalized model is presented and used to process the seasonal TRNSYS results to investigate the coincidence between the solar-supplied cooling power and cooling load as the relative sizes of the cooling system and storage are varied. The normalized model yields a seasonal solar fraction and seasonal loss fraction (the excess...
Parametric Range Estimating of Building Costs Using Regression Models and Bootstrap
Sönmez, Rifat (American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), 2008-12-01)
This paper presents a bootstrap approach for integration of parametric and probabilistic cost estimation techniques. In the proposed method, a combination of regression analysis and bootstrap resampling technique is used to develop range estimates for construction costs. The method is applied to parametric range estimation of building projects as an example. The bootstrap approach includes advantages of probabilistic and parametric estimation methods, at the same time it requires fewer assumptions compared ...
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M. Karabatur, “Parametric optimization of the seat suspension of a two-dimensional tractor model.,” Middle East Technical University, 1975.