The revolutionary politics of love: pussy riot and punk rock as feminist practice



The Myth of the Brown Rapist: The Refugee Crisis and the Colonial/Modern Gender System
İbrahimhakkıoğlu, Fulden (2019-10-05)
The trope of the Brown rapist has come to occupy a cemented place in the social imaginary within the context of the ongoing refugee crisis. By discussing some prevalent media representations of the asylum seekers and various ways in which these representations are being contested through resistant works of art, this essay explores possibilities for decolonizing the imagination and establishing feminist alliances across differences. Drawing from María Lugones’s work on “the colonial/modern gender system” and...
The politicization of gender: from identity politics to post-identity
Kale, Nülüfer; Ecevit, Mehmet Cihan; Department of Gender and Women's Studies (2011)
The aim of this thesis study is to understand the significance of today’s feminist politics in Turkey for post-identity politics. When it is considered that identity politics is being widely practiced today, whereas there is still much vagueness regarding the ways of doing post-identity politics, in order to achieve the aim of this study it becomes necessary to make a critique of identity politics and to reveal post-identitarian tendencies through this critique of identity-based political mobilization. In t...
The economic adventures of Robinson Crusoe : an institutionalist critique and reinterpretation
Karagöz, Ufuk; Özveren, Eyüp; Department of Economics (2011)
In 1719, Daniel Defoe wrote his first fiction The Life and Strange Surprizing Adventures of Robinson Crusoe without knowing that the protagonist of the novel, Robinson Crusoe, would be liberated from his cultural matrix and deployed as a dominant economic metaphor with the advent of the so-called marginalist revolution in the second half of the nineteenth century. This thesis intends to: i) with reference to an habits of thought approach, unearth the institutional nature of the metamorphosis of Crusoe from ...
The world of children in picture books : a study in cultural diversity and socialization
Saktanber, Ayşe Nur; Department of Sociology (1985)
The Art of Reconciliation: Autobiography and Objectivity in the Work of Aldo Rossi
Özkaya, Ayşe Belgin (Routledge Taylor & Francis Group, 2008-01-01)
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