Differentiated instruction practices and impacts in a health related physical activity course a case study



Differentiated Function of School in Socio-Culturally Disadvantaged Context: A Constructivist Grounded Theory Study from Turkey
Caliskan, Zuhal Zeybekoglu; Simsek, Hasan; Kondakçı, Yaşar (2017-09-01)
This study analyses the functioning of a school as a social system in an atypical context with the purpose of generating propositions to tackle educational problems confronted by socially and economically disadvantaged groups attending these schools. Adopting the constructivist grounded theory, the analysis suggests that there is a kind of “vicious cycle” in the functioning of this atypical school, which adversely affects the school system. Breaking the vicious cycle involves five basic propositions: (1) ma...
Effective curriculum for teaching L2 writing: Principles and techniques
Yigitoglu, Nur (2016-06-01)
Effective instructional setting for development of future physical education faculty an action research study
İnce, Mustafa Levent (2016-11-01)
Standardized testing for transition to high schools: teachers ́ perceptions of how national tests influence teaching and learning in middle schools english classes
Ekiz, Hatice; Yıldırım, Ali.; Department of Curriculum and Instruction (2019)
The purpose of this research study is to identify the impact of national tests on teaching and learning in middle school English classes through teachers’ perceptions. Through a phenomenological design, semi-structured interviews were used to gather data with 24 in-service teachers working in public and private middle schools in Denizli. The data were analysed through the emerging themes and codes within the scope of research questions. Similarities and differences between public and private middle schools ...
Multiple Intelligence and Creative Drama Practices with Disadvantaged Groups
Taneri, Pervin Oya; Ceyla, Arca (2015-04-01)
This study investigates the effectiveness of multiple intelligence activities and creative drama sessions in a disadvantaged school from the perspectives of teachers and students. The data were collected in 2013-2014 academic year by using document analysis, questionnaire and semi-structured interviews. The participants of this study were 80 3 rd grade students, 30 teachers from a public school and 40 parents in Ankara, Turkey. The students were assigned control and experiment groups. In the control groups ...
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