Influence of the fixed point subgroup in group actions



Influence of Input Parameters on the Characteristics of the EDM Process
Shabgard, Mohammadreza; Seyedzavvar, Mirsadegh; Oliaei, Samad Nadimi Bavil (2011-09-01)
This paper presents the results of experimental studies carried out to conduct a comprehensive investigation on the influence of Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) input parameters on the characteristics of the EDM process. The studied process characteristics included machining features, embracing material removal rate, tool wear ratio, and arithmetical mean roughness, as well surface integrity characteristics comprised of the thickness of white layer and the depth of heat affected zone of AISI H13 tool s...
Influence of Ge content and annealing conditions on the PL properties of nc-Si1-xGex embedded in SiO2 matrix in weak quantum confined regime
TUĞAY, EVRİN; Ilday, Serim; Turan, Raşit; Finstad, Treje G. (2014-11-01)
Fabrication of Si (nc-Si), Ge (nc-Ge), and Si1-xGex (nc-Si1-xGex) nanocrystals embedded in SiO2 matrix is achieved by thermal annealing of magnetron-sputtered thin films. Effects of annealing conditions, namely duration and temperature, as well as Ge content on the photoluminescence properties are investigated. Origin and evolution of the photoluminescence signal in the weak quantum confinement regime are discussed. It is found that photoluminescence signals can be decomposed into four Gaussian peaks origin...
Influence of gray particle assumption on the predictive accuracy of gas property approximations
Ates, CİHAN; Selçuk, Nevin; Külah, Görkem (2018-11-01)
In this study, influence of gray particle assumption on the predictive accuracy of gas property models is investigated for conditions typically encountered in industrial coal-fired furnaces. The aim is (i) to identify how the share of gas radiation is influenced by the presence of particles and particle properties and (ii) to determine the effect of gray particle assumption on the predictive accuracy of gas property approximations. For that purpose, predictive accuracy of a simple gas property model is benc...
Influence of mutual drag of the carrier-phonon system on the thermopower and transverse Nernst-Ettingshausen effect
Babaev, MM; Gassym, TM; Tas, M; Tomak, Mehmet (American Physical Society (APS), 2003-03-15)
The thermopower and Nernst-Ettingshausen (NE) effect in degenerate semiconductors and semimetals placed in high electric and magnetic fields are calculated by taking into account the heating of both electrons and phonons as well as their thermal and mutual drags. The magnetic and electric field dependences of the thermoelectric power and the transverse NE voltage are found in analytical forms. It is shown that in weak and high transverse magnetic fields, the electronic and phonon parts of the NE coefficient...
Influence of long-period filter cut-off on elastic spectral displacements
Akkar, Dede Sinan; Bommer, Julian J. (Wiley, 2006-07-25)
The effect of the long-period filter cut-off, T-c, on elastic spectral displacements is investigated using a strong ground-motion database from Europe and the Middle East. The relation between the filter and oscillator responses is considered to observe the influence of T-c for both analogue and digital records, and the variations with site classification, magnitude, filter order and viscous damping. Robust statistics are derived using the re-processed European data to generalize the effects of the long-per...
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