PM brushed DC motor optimization

Rasul, Tarvirdilu
Reza, Zeinali
Ertan, Hulusi Bülent
Yavuz, Taner
This paper describes how a brushed DC motor with permanent magnet excitation is analytically modeled for optimization of its design. The developed model takes into account the saturation of the magnetic circuit which assures its accuracy. In developing this model FEM solutions are utilized. The paper displays the accuracy of the approach by comparing measurement results on the test motor with analytical and FEM predictions of its performance. The optimization results are also presented.
ISEF 2015


FEM-Based Design Modifications and Efficiency Improvements of a Brushed Permanent Magnet DC Motor
Tarvirdilu-Asl, Rasul; Zeinali, Reza; Ertan, Hulusi Bülent (2017-05-27)
This paper describes design modifications of a brushed permanent magnet DC motor. Test motor is modeled using a Finite Element Method (FEM) based software. Model accuracy is investigated by comparing measurement and simulation results. Reducing material consumption in motor fabrication while the motor develops the desired torque at a higher efficiency is aimed in this paper. Modifications are done in three stages and simulations results are also presented. These results are also compared to simulation resul...
Magnetic and Structural Analysis of a Transverse Flux Claw Pole Linear Machine
Keysan, Ozan; Mueller, Markus A. (2013-01-01)
This paper details the design and testing of a novel transverse flux claw pole linear machine suitable for large superconducting generators. The machine utilises a modular claw pole transducer design with a stationary field winding which eliminates the need for cryogenic couplers and electrical brushes for a superconducting machine. The results from this prototype will enable a better understanding of the electromagnetic and mechanical structures before embarking on a more costly super-conducting design. Th...
Extended field reconstruction method for modeling of interior permanent magnet synchronous machines
Gu, Lei; Moallem, M.; Bostancı, Emine; Wang, Shiliang; Devendra, Patil (2016-07-22)
This paper presents an extended field reconstruction method (EFRM) that is developed to model an interior permanent magnet synchronous machine (IPMSM), which is known for its high power density and power factor. Traditional field reconstruction method is a very convenient tool for the modeling and analysis of the performance of the surface mounted permanent magnet machine (SPMSM). Regarding IPMSM, which usually works under saturation, traditional FRM method cannot be directly applied. An improved FRM, which...
A unity-power-factor buck-type PWM rectifier for medium/high-power DC motor drive applications
Bilgin, HF; Kose, KN; Zenginobuz, G; Ermiş, Muammer; Nalcaci, E; Cadirci, I; Kose, H (2002-09-01)
This paper describes the application of a single-stage unity-power-factor buck-type pulsewidth modulation (PWM) rectifier to medium- and high-power variable-speed dc motor drives. The advantages of the developed system are low harmonic distortion in ac supply currents (complying with IEEE Std. 519 and IEC 555), nearly unity power factor over a wide operating shaft speed range, and nearly level armature current and voltage waveforms. These properties of output voltage and current quantities of the converter ...
DRIE process optimization to achieve high aspect ratio for capacitive MEMS sensors
Aydemir, Akın; Akın, Tayfun (null; 2015-09-23)
This paper focuses on process optimization of deep reactive ion etching (DRIE) to achieve high aspect ratio structures, specifically the fabrication of capacitive sensors. Very high aspect ratios up to 70:1 on trenches of 1.0 µm and have been achieved using the Bosch process by optimizing the process parameters. Effects of the process parameters on the etch rate, profile angle, and selectivity to the masking material are investigated in detail. This approach can be easily integrated on conventional ICP equi...
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