Erken evre meme kanserinde Prosigna Testinin Klinik Karara Yansımaları-Tek Merkezli Prospektif Kohort Çalışması

Esin, Ece
Çakmak Öksüzoğlu, Ömür Berna
Markoç, Fatma
Bilgetekin, İrem
Demirci, Umut
Atalay, Rengül


Erken evre endometrium kanserli hastalarda sentinel nod saptanması: Sentinel ve non-sentinel lenf nodlarında dentritik hücre matürasyonunun karşılaştırılması
Caner, Biray; Üner, Ayşegül; Ayhan, Ali; Uğur, Ömer; Usubütün, Alp; Kara, Özcan Pelin(2006-09-01)
A decision analytic model for early stage breast cancer patients: lumpectomy vs mastectomy
Elele, Tuğba; Güven, Yusuf Çağlar; Department of Industrial Engineering (2006)
The purpose of this study was to develop a decision model for early-stage breast cancer patients. This model provides an opportunity for comparing two main treatment options, mastectomy and lumpectomy, with respect to quality of life by making use of Decision Theoretic Techniques. A Markov chain was constructed to project the clinical history of breast carcinoma following surgery. Then, health states used in the model were characterized by transition probabilities and utilities for quality of life. A Multi ...
Early-exit convolutional neural networks
Demir, Edanur; Akbaş, Emre; Department of Computer Engineering (2019)
This thesis is aimed at developing a method that reduces the computational cost of convolutional neural networks (CNN) during inference. Conventionally, the input data pass through a fixed neural network architecture. However, easy examples can be classified at early stages of processing and conventional networks do not take this into account. In this thesis, we introduce “Early-exit CNNs”, EENets for short, which adapt their computational cost based on the input by stopping the inference process at certain...
Examining humor in early childhood period from teacher and child aspects
Yılmaz, Betül; Tantekin Erden, Feyza; Department of Early Childhood Education (2019)
The purpose of the study was to examine humor in early childhood education in terms of children and early childhood teachers. The study sample comprised 22 five-year-old children and 5 early childhood teachers from a public preschool in Tokat. A qualitative phenomenological research method was used. As instruments, a humorous visual and five semi- structured questions, addition semi- structured questions that lead children to make a humorous drawing and to explain it were prepared. A questionnaire comprised...
Pedagogical documentation practices and young children's self-regulation & metacognition /
Aras, Selda; Erden, Feyza; Department of Elementary Education (2017)
The aim of the study is to explore the role of pedagogical documentation practices on young children's self-regulatory and metacognitive abilities. It is critical to develop metacognitive and self-regulatory abilities in early years for behavioral, social and intellectual development. The learning environment suggested by pedagogical documentation meets the required conditions to support self-regulation and metacognition of children. Thus, this study aimed to bring those two closely related concepts togethe...
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