Prevalence and Characteristics of non-suicidal self-injury in a non-clinical sample of Turkish young adults. (Oral presentation)

Tuna, Ezgi
Gençöz, Tülin


Prevalence of traumatic events and determinants of posttraumatic growth in university students
Arıkan, Gizem; Karancı, Ayşe Nuray; Department of Psychology (2007)
This study aims to examine the prevalence of traumatic events among university students and to evaluate the predictive values of socio-demographic variables, trauma characteristics, attachment styles and coping styles in posttraumatic growth. 321 students from the Middle East Technical University and Hacettepe University participated in the study. A trauma checklist, Posttraumatic Growth Inventory, Relationship Scales Questionnaire, Attachment Style Questionnaire and Ways of Coping Inventory were administer...
Prevalence of pathogens and other associated microorganisms in Turkish honeybee subspecies and differential responses to nosema ceranae infection
Tozkar, Cansu Özge; Kence, Aykut; Department of Biology (2015)
Honey bees face numerous biotic threats from viruses to bacteria, fungi, protists, and mites. Here we describe a thorough analysis of microbes harbored by worker honey bees collected from field colonies in geographically distinct regions of Turkey. Turkey is one of the World’s most important centers of apiculture, harboring 5 subspecies of Apis mellifera L., approximately 20% of the honey bee subspecies in the world. We use deep ILLUMINA-based RNA sequencing to capture RNA species for the honey bee and a sa...
Prevalence of otologic complaints in patients with temporomandibular disorder
Tuz, HH; Onder, EM; Kisnisci, RS (Elsevier BV, 2003-06-01)
The prevalence and rank of order of 4 otologic complaints in 200 temporomandibular disorder (TMD) patients, as well as the relationship between the complaints and TMD subgroups, were investigated and compared with an asymptomatic control group. No subjective otologic complaints were reported by 45 (22.5%) TMD patients; the remaining 155 (77.5%) patients had at least 1 otologic complaint. Otalgia, tinnitus, vertigo, and hearing loss were reported by 63.6%, 59.1%, 50%, and 36.4%, respectively, of the subjects...
Prevalence rates of traumatic events, probable PTSD and predictors of posttraumatic stress and growth in a community sample from İzmir
Gül, Ervin; Karancı, Ayşe Nuray; Department of Psychology (2014)
Almost every individual in lifetime has the possibility of experiencing traumatic events which may highly impede coping mechanisms. Many studies indicated the prevalence of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) which is one of psychiatric consequences of traumatic events (TEs), as ranging from 1% to 9%. In recent years, attention to positive changes/transformations following TEs has gained interest. Post Traumatic Growth (PTG) is the concept that taps these transformations. The aim of the present study, is ...
Prevalence of Peer Bullying in Secondary Education and Its Relation with High School Entrance Scores
Hesapcioglu, Selma Tural; Tural, Mustafa Kemal (Kare Publishing, 2018-12-01)
Objective: In this study, our aims are to investigate the prevalence of bullying and the relationship between high school entrance exam scores and the bullying cycle and to examine the risk factors of peer bullying in high schools.
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