Surveillance to Capture and or to Miss Reality



Surveillance Video Querying With A Human-in-the-Loop
STONEBROKER, MICHAEL; Bhargava, Bharat; Cafarella, Michael; COLLINS, ZACHARY; McClellan, Jenna; SIPSER, AARON; Sun, Tao; NESEN, ALİNA; SOLAIMAN, K.M.A.; MANI, GANAPATHY; Kochpatcharin, Kevin; Kochpatcharin, Kevin; Angın, Pelin; MACDONALD, JAMES (2020-06-19)
SurvQ is a video monitoring system appropriate for surveillance applications such as those found in security and law enforcement. It performs real time object property identification and stores all data in a scalable DBMS. Standing queries implemented as database triggers are supported. SurvQ contains novel adaptive machine learning and algorithmic property classification. The application of SurvQ to assist the West Lafayette (IN) police department at identifying suspects in video is described. This paper a...
Surveillance wireless sensor networks: Deployment quality analysis
Onur, Ertan; Delic, Hakan; Akarun, Lale (2007-11-01)
Surveillance wireless sensor networks are deployed at perimeter or border locations to detect unauthorized intrusions. For deterministic deployment of sensors, the quality of deployment can be determined sufficiently by analysis in advance of deployment. However, when random deployment is required, determining the deployment quality becomes challenging. To assess the quality of sensor deployment, appropriate measures can be employed that reveal the weaknesses in the coverage of SWSNs with respect to the suc...
Monitoring neural correlates of purchasing behavior An optical brain imaging study
Girişken, Yener; Çakır, Murat Perit (null; 2014-07-15)
Curiosity-driven learning of traversability affordance on a mobile robot
Ugur, Emre; Dogar, Mehmet R.; Cakmak, Maya; Şahin, Erol (2007-07-13)
The concept of affordances, as proposed by J.J. Gibson, refers to the relationship between the organism and its environment and has become popular in autonomous robot control. The learning of affordances in autonomous robots, however, typically requires a large set of training data obtained from the interactions of the robot with its environment. Therefore, the learning process is not only time-consuming, and costly but is also risky since some of the interactions may inflict damage on the robot. In this pa...
Radar target detection in non-gaussian clutter
Doyuran, Ülkü; Tanık, Yalçın; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2007)
In this study, novel methods for high-resolution radar target detection in non-Gaussian clutter environment are proposed. In solution of the problem, two approaches are used: Non-coherent detection that operates on the envelope-detected signal for thresholding and coherent detection that performs clutter suppression, Doppler processing and thresholding at the same time. The proposed non-coherent detectors, which are designed to operate in non-Gaussian and range-heterogeneous clutter, yield higher performanc...
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