PKI lite A PKI system with limited resources

The aim of this study is to give some ideas about how to construct a PKI system with limited resources. Such a PKI system can be applied for some compact organizations which don’t have requirements for complying with industry or government standards. Such a PKI system provides safeguarding user information, protecting against malicious users, providing a safe domain environment and others. An example to such system is an educational organization. This study covers the topics to people for whom a PKI is appropriate for their organization, and how PKI can be deployed most effectively.
II. International Conference on Information Security and Cryptology


End User Evaluation of the FAIR4Health Data Curation Tool
Gencturk, Mert; Teoman, Alper; Alvarez-Romero, Celia; Martinez-Garcia, Alicia; Parra-Calderon, Carlos Luis; Poblador-Plou, Beatriz; Löbe, Matthias; Sinaci, A Anil (2021-05-27)
The aim of this study is to build an evaluation framework for the user-centric testing of the Data Curation Tool. The tool was developed in the scope of the FAIR4Health project to make health data FAIR by transforming them from legacy formats into a Common Data Model based on HL7 FHIR. The end user evaluation framework was built by following a methodology inspired from the Delphi method. We applied a series of questionnaires to a group of experts not only in different roles and skills, but also from various...
Synthesis of compliant bistable four-link mechanisms for two positions
Subaşı, Levent; Söylemez, Eres; Department of Mechanical Engineering (2005)
The aim of this study is to present a design approach for compliant bistable four-link mechanisms. The design constraints are the two positions of the mechanism, the force required to snap between the positions and the fatigue life of the designed mechanism. The theory presented here will be applied to the door lock mechanism used in commercial dishwashers, which is originally designed as a rigid inverted slider crank mechanism snapping between two positions with the force applied by a spring. The mechanism...
An Investigation of emergence, development and types of open design: a case study on socially responsible design approach
Altınova, Hale; Hasdoğan, Gülay Fatma; Department of Industrial Design (2019)
The purpose of this study is to examine the emergence, development and types of open design and to evaluate its effects on a socially responsible design project. For this purpose, a two-stage study was performed. The first stage involves a literature review on open design. In the second phase, a case study was conducted to explore the effect of open design on a socially responsible design project that involved interviews conducted with the founder and volunteers in a project in Turkey that has adopted the p...
Fom machine house to smart home: the relationship between technology and private sphere throughout the 20th century
Günlü, Esra; Börekçi, Naz Ayşe Güzide Z.; Department of Industrial Design (2007)
This study is an attempt for providing a socio-historical perspective to the smart home concept that is a proposal for the future domestic sphere by the application of intelligent technologies. For achieving this attempt, the smart home is investigated with its roots within the social history of domestic technology, by posing the question of a relation between the machine house idea of modern architecture and the smart home concept as the main question of the research. After an inquiry on the smart home con...
Convergence Error and Higher-Order Sensitivity Estimations
Eyi, Sinan (2012-10-01)
The aim of this study is to improve the accuracy of the finite-difference sensitivities of differential equations solved by iterative methods. New methods are proposed to estimate the convergence error and higher-order sensitivities. The convergence error estimation method is based on the eigenvalue analysis of linear systems, but it can also be used for nonlinear systems. The higher-order sensitivities are calculated by differentiating the approximately constructed differential equation with respect to the...
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