A bed type hybrid solar grape drier.

Saka, Haldun


A Lumped-Element Wideband 3-dB Quadrature Hybrid
Kazan, Oguz; Memioglu, Onur; Kocer, Fatih; Gundel, Adnan; Toker, Canan (2019-06-01)
A novel lumped-element topology is presented for a wideband 3-dB 90 degrees hybrid coupler where design and implementation are straightforward. In the design, only lumped LC elements are used, and the topology employs a simple widebanding technique. Depending on the allowed ripple, theoretical bandwidths up to 80% are achievable. Both return losses and isolations are theoretically infinite at the center frequency and remain better than 15 dB over the band depending on the proper choice of design parameters....
A unitiy power factor resonant inverterwith single transistor for induction cooking.
Çolak, Barış; Ertan, H. Bülent; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2002)
A three phase all sic PWM rectifier for industry applications
Yolaçan, Cem; Ermiş, Muammer; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2019)
In this thesis work, a three phase PWM Rectifier for industry applications will be designed by using SiC Power MOSFETs and its laboratory prototype will then be implemented. The topology of the PWM rectifier is the three phase full bridge topology to convert three phase 400 V AC line-to-line voltage to desirable voltage levels between 500V and 1000V. The PWM Rectifier has the capability of permitting the flow of active power in both directions. The new technology SiC Power MOSFETs can operate at higher freq...
A novel red to transmissive electrochromic polymer based on phenanthrocarbazole
Atakan, Gizem; Günbaş, Emrullah Görkem (Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC), 2016-01-01)
A novel red to transmissive electrochromic polymer is described. A monomer which consists of EDOT and phenanthrocarbazole units was designed. Upon electrochemical polymerization of this material, a red colored polymer film was formed, which upon oxidation switches to a highly transmissive state. A high optical contrast (51%) and fast switching times (0.65 s and 0.52 s) were achieved, making this polymer an important candidate for electrochromic device and simple display applications. In addition, to best of...
A flat plate solar collector with spiral tubing.
Akgün, Mehmet Alaeddin; Department of Electrical Engineering (1980)
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H. Saka, “A bed type hybrid solar grape drier.,” Middle East Technical University, 1982.