The Policy making Process of 4 4 4 Intermittent Education Reform in Turkey

Kaya Kaşıkcı, Sevgi
Gökalp, Gökçe


The process of reform of the structural funds in European Union
Özmen, Zelal; Kahraman, Sevilay; Department of European Studies (2004)
The Structural Funds, (namely the European Regional Development Fund, the European Social Fund, the Guidance Section of the European Agricultural Guidance and Guarantee Fund and lastly the Financial Instrument for Fisheries Guidance) being the most important instruments of European Community Regional Policy have gone through a process of reform since their establishment as a consequence of European Union integration. This thesis aims to analyze the process of reform of the Structural Funds taking processes ...
The new chemicals policy of the eu and its environmental implications on EU and Turkey
Bacakoğlu, Zeliha; Güneş, Şule; Department of European Studies (2016)
This thesis aims at analysing the REACH Regulation which constitutes the backbone of the New Chemicals Policy of the EU in the context of the environmental framework. Related to that aim, basic instruments of the Regulation are considered in order to clarify what kind of health and environmental benefits to be obtained with them. Secondly, the EU-Turkey relations is examined with its twofold nature under the Customs Union and candidacy process by seeking an answer to the question of possible legislative and...
The European neighbourhood policy towards Lebanon: expansion without further enlargement
Türedi, Almula; Türkeş, Mustafa; Department of European Studies (2008)
This thesis analyzes the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) towards Lebanon. The thesis looks into early European initiatives to demonstrate growing EU ambitions towards the Mediterranean region. Lebanon is examined with its specificities in historic context and EU’s sending troops to UNIFIL army after the July 2006 war. As the 2004 enlargement brought the EU closer to Lebanon, and as the EU tends to play a growing international role, particularly in the Mediterranean region, the EU saw the Israeli attack ...
The Process of modernisation of the customs union relations between Turkey and the European Union
Gül Tezcan, Ezgi; Eralp, Atila.; Department of European Studies (2020)
This thesis aims to review the process for modernising the Customs Union between Turkey and the European Union, followed by an investigation of the political reasons which led to the suspension of the negotiations. The analysis begins with an appraisal of the theoretical framework to better understand the workings of the Turkey-EU CU as an economic integration model to facilitate and liberalize trade. Then comes an investigation of the important milestones in the relationship between Turkey and the EU in it...
The Military and Europeanization Reforms in Turkey
Ünlü Bilgiç, Tuba (Informa UK Limited, 2009-01-01)
The Europeanization reforms in Turkey are partly designed to bring about the demilitarization of Turkish politics. However, up to now reforms have not been free from the military's impact. The democracy game is still played in a field whose borders have been delimited by the Turkish armed forces (TAF) and its interpretation of Kemalism. Even when the boundaries of these borders were extended, it was more due to the TAF's self-restraint, motivated by the prospect of membership in the EU, rather than the rest...
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