Mother's and Children's Employment in Turkey

The paper attempts to identify the link between children’s employment and that of their mothers inTurkey’s labor market. Statistical evidence indicates that a disproportionately larger number ofemployed women are in households where there is at least one working child. Considering that thismay not be a random occurrence the study treats mother’s employment to be endogenous to theemployment decision of children. Indeed, the study establishes that mother’s employment decisionand that of children cannot be thought independently of each other. The unobservables that increasethe likelihood of women’s employment also increase the employment probability of children, inparticularly of female children. The findings of the paper question the current policy initiativesgeared toward decreasing child labor and recommends that poverty alleviation programs becarefully designed taking into account the link between mother’s and children’s employment.
Journal of Developing Areas


Birth and employment transitions of women in Turkey: The emergence of role incompatibility
ABBASOĞLU ÖZGÖREN, AYŞE; Ergocmen, Banu; Tansel, Aysıt (2018-12-18)
BACKGROUND The available evidence on the relationship between fertility and employment among women in developing countries paints an ambiguous picture. In Turkey there have been considerable structural changes since the 1960s, related to the incompatibility between women's roles as mother and worker. OBJECTIVE This study analyzes the two-way relationship between employment and fertility in Turkey over a 35-year period, including the correlates of the risks of first, second, third, and fourth and higher-o...
Intersection of state, market and family in the fathering experiences of divorced men in Turkey
Beşpınar Akgüner, Fatma Umut (2019-11-01)
This paper aims to question the role of state, labor market, and family in the reshaping process of fatherhood experiences of divorced men. Men’s perceptions and experiences of masculinity and fatherhood have been transformed in accordance with their work life and family experiences. In addition, the impact of the state’s changing perspectives in the divorce legislation and custody in the last years have been significant in men’s perception and experiences. We conducted in-depth interviews with 20 divorced ...
Using electronic portfolios to promote reflective thinking in language teacher education
Ayan, Didem (Informa UK Limited, 2011-01-01)
This study aimed at investigating the role of electronic portfolios in fostering pre-service teachers' reflective thinking. The research was conducted with pre-service English language teachers enrolled in a practicum course in an undergraduate teacher education programme in Turkey. The data were collected through e-portfolios and interviews. The findings revealed that e-portfolios gave participants a sense of ownership, fostered reflecting thinking, supported collaboration and allowed them to make connecti...
The Effects of youth minimum wage on labour market and schooling outcomes: evidence from Turkey
Küçükbayrak, Müşerref; Dayıoğlu Tayfur, Meltem; Tümen, Semih; Department of Economics (2018)
This study analyzes the impact of youth minimum wage policy on labour market and schooling outcomes in Turkey based on a quasi-experimental approach. Before January 2014, minimum wage was determined according to the age of a worker. Young workers under 16 years of age were entitled to get a lower pay. This created a cut-off at the wages paid to workers based on this age. Differentiation of minimum wage was eliminated in 2014. Exploiting this cut-off, we use an RD design to study the effects of minimum wage ...
Shadow price of working in the shadows: services industry evidence
Ekici, Tufan; Besim, Mustafa (2018-01-01)
In this paper, we use an exogenous policy variation in the labour market to determine the wage gap between formally and informally employed workers. For our purposes, informal employment' describes employees who are not officially registered with any social security scheme. We use self-reported employee registration status to identify such workers, but the choice of working unregistered is not exogenous. Nevertheless, through an amnesty that was extended to only some workers in the labour market, we reduce ...
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