Using Rasch measurement to evaluate the Organizational Climate Index

Börkan, Bengü
Çapa Aydın, Yeşim
Fıgueıredo, Claudıa
Loadman, Wıllıam E
School climate has been acknowledged as a construct with impact on important aspects of educational outcomes, such as student achievement, school effectiveness, and school completion. The Organizational Climate Index was an instrument developed to measure school climate (W.Hoy, 2001). This study evaluated this instrument by using Rasch measurement. The sample consisted of 110 teachers in 4 schools. Results indicate that items generally were working well, with a high reliability of 0/96. The only two items of concern referred to parent involvement in the school. This may be explained by the low community interaction in sample schools.
Anuual meeting of the Mid-Western Educational Research Association (MWERA)


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