Düzenleme odağı ölçeği (DOÖ), sebat ve risk alma ölçeklerinin türkçe’ye uyarlanması ve doö’nün psikometrik açıdan değerlendirilmesi

Yalçındağ, Bilge
Özkan, Türker
Regulatory Focus Theory (RFT, Higgins, 1997) asserts that situational and chronic prevention and promotion foci are basic motivations and have an active role in self-regulation. In the current study, Regulatory Focus Questionnaire (Higgins, Friedman, Harlow, Idson, Ayduk, & Taylor, 2001) developed to measure chronic prevention and promotion pride of individuals stemming from previous successful experiences within the framework of RFT has been adapted to Turkish and evaluated psychometrically. The reliability and validity of the questionnaire have been evaluated in two samples one of which composed of university students (285 participants) and the other of adults (382 partici-pants). The rst sample received the measurement devices as paper-pencil test, the second sample received them via a web site providing online survey service. The results are parallel for the samples. Exploratory and conrmatory factor analyses revealed a two-factor solution as in the original structure of the scale representing prevention and promotion foci. Different from the original structure, an item constructed for the prevention focus measured pro-motion focus. Reliability analyses revealed acceptable level of alpha coefcients for each subscale especially with the exclusion of concerned item from the prevention subscale. Perseverance and Risk taking Questionnaires (ipip.ori.org) translated into Turkish within the current study to examine the construct and criterion validity of the RFQ displayed a consistent relation with the literature. The measure has been advised to the users with the addition of a prevention item to the promotion subscale and some reservations.
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B. Yalçındağ and T. Özkan, “Düzenleme odağı ölçeği (DOÖ), sebat ve risk alma ölçeklerinin türkçe’ye uyarlanması ve doö’nün psikometrik açıdan değerlendirilmesi,” pp. 49–68, 2015, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: https://www.psikolog.org.tr/tr/yayinlar/dergiler/1031828/tpy1301996120150000m000062.pdf.