What’s Going on at Home: Is It Garbage or Waste?

66th OMEP World Assembly and Congress, 2 - 05 July 2014


What’s in a label? an analysis of the impact of labelling on the (im)mobility of Somali refugees in Kenya
Timami, Khadija Saleh; Sözer, Hande; Political Science and International Relations (2019-9)
This thesis aims to contribute to the understanding of the role of labelling on refugee mobility. To elucidate this, Somali refugees in Kenya are taken as a case study. This study contends that the ‘refugee’ label is used in state policy as a tool to restrict the mobility of refugees who are essentially guaranteed the right to freedom of movement in international law. Thus, it employs a regimes of mobility approach, along with the understanding of Bourdieu’s Symbolic Power to analyse the impact of labelling...
What goes wrong in practice teaching ?
Gürbüz, Nurdan (2004-06-11)
What People in Turkey Think About E-Learning? Their Awareness and Preferences
Karakuş Yılmaz, Türkan; Adıyaman, Zehra; Aşkun, Cengiz Savaş; Baran, Bahar; Onat Bayır, Gülin; Demirel, Funda; Kurşun, Engin; Uzun, Erman; Yalçınalp, Serpil; Uzun, Sevcan (null; 2006-09-13)
People’s awareness on e-learning influences their expectations and preferences about it. Revealing these expectation and preferences will allow e-learning providers to meet their prospect students’ needs and improve themselves. In this study it is aimed to investigate the preferences and expectation of people, living in urban setting and using technology more than other settings, by considering their awareness about e-learning and distance education. Results of the study which 663 people participated showed...
What Does the Local Participate in? Governance of Neoliberal Nature Production in Jamaica.
Kuymulu, Mehmet Barış (2009-03-17)
DOĞAN, NİHAL; Çakıroğlu, Jale; BİLİCAN, KADER; Cavus, Seda (2013-01-01)
Translation of nature of science (NOS) views into teaching practice and the development of teachers' NOS teaching are still open to investigation. Therefore, how teachers' translation of NOS understanding into practice occurs and what extend science teachers are able to transform their understanding into explicit reflective NOS instruction have been issues still need to be further exploration. This study explored the impact of intensive nature of science summer workshop on science teachers' views of NOS and...
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