Proaktif ve reaktif kontrol süreçlerini bir arada kullanmak mümkün müdür?

Bozkurt, Özge
Atalay, Nart Bedin
Mısırlısoy, Mine
20. Ulusal Psikoloji Kongresi, 15 - 17 November 2018,


Treatment of reactive dyeing wastewater and recovery of brackish water by applying ultrafiltration
Erkanlı, Mert; Yetiş, Ülkü; Çulfaz Emecen, Pınar Zeynep; Department of Environmental Engineering (2016)
Reactive dyeing wastewaters (RDW) originating from textile industry are highly colored and have high total organic carbon (TOC), turbidity and salinity content. Ultrafiltration (UF) scenario suggested here aims to keep salt in permeate and reuse resulting permeate in dyeing process. For this purpose, RDW samples were treated with 5 kDa PES and 2 kDa Thin Film GE Osmonics UF membranes. After single stage filtrations, two stage “5 kDa+5 kDa”, “5 kDa+2 kDa” and “2 kDa+2 kDa” applications were carried out at 2 ...
Properties of reactive magnesia-incorporated cements
Ardoğa, Mehmet Kemal; Yaman, İsmail Özgür; Department of Civil Engineering (2022-2)
Magnesium oxide (MgO) has limited use in civil engineering applications. The presence of MgO (especially in free form) in portland cements is limited by the standards due to the risk involved in the gradual hydration of MgO that may lead to disruptive expansions after the cementitious system hardens. However, it is possible to overcome this detrimental effect by calcining magnesite at lower temperatures than that is encountered in the cement kilns and use thus obtained reactive MgO as an additive in cement....
Numerical solution of one dimensional detonation tube with reactive euler equations using high resolution method
Ungun, Yiğit; Akmandor, İbrahim Sinan; Department of Aerospace Engineering (2012)
In this thesis, numerical simulation of one dimensional detonation tube problem is solved with finite rate chemistry. For the numerical simulation, Euler equations have been used. Since detonation tube phenomena occurs in high speed flows, viscosity e ects and gravity forces are negligible. In this thesis, Godunov type methods have been studied and afterwards high resolution method is used for the numerical solution of the detonation tube problem. To solve the chemistry aspect of the problem ZND theory have...
Survival of probiotic microorganisms during storage after marketing
Köse, Işkın; Gültekin, Güzin Candan; Cebeci Aydın, Aysun; Department of Biotechnology (2011)
Probiotics are viable microorganisms that show beneficial effects on the health of the host by improving their intestinal microflora. The microorganisms applied as probiotics mainly include Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium species. Probiotics can inhibit the bacterial pathogens, reduce serum cholesterol levels, improve lactose tolerance and stimulate the immune response. They also have other properties such as; tolerance to acid and bile salts, adherence to gastrointestinal cells for colonization, resistan...
Process optimization on clean water recovery from real reactive dyeing effluents by nanofiltration
Koçer Oruç, Burcu; Yetiş, Ülkü; Çulfaz Emecen, Pınar Zeynep; Department of Environmental Engineering (2017)
Clean water recovery from the reactive dyeing effluent of a cotton textile mill with membrane filtration was investigated. Lab-scale experiments were performed with wastewater samples taken from the last three steps of the dyeing line, comprising four sequential baths of dyeing, warm rinsing, washing with soap, and lukewarm rinsing. Waste dyeing bath was deliberately excluded considering its extremely high salt and color contents. Two sets of experiments were performed; direct nanofiltration (NF) and NF wit...
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Ö. Bozkurt, N. B. Atalay, and M. Mısırlısoy, “Proaktif ve reaktif kontrol süreçlerini bir arada kullanmak mümkün müdür?,” presented at the 20. Ulusal Psikoloji Kongresi, 15 - 17 November 2018, Ankara, Türkiye, 2018, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: