A Turkish Posthumanist Perspective in Science-Fiction: Ecocritical Approaches in Özlem Ada’s Embriyogenesis

The world of science-fiction in Turkey is like a closed circuit, only supported by fans and authors, but an outstanding example, Özlem Ada's Embriyogenesis (1997), provides the reader with a unique experience in the two stories titled "Hisse Senetleri" and "Çaya Yetiştirilir," which can be respectively translated as "Share Certificates" and "You Can Be Ready for Tea Party." Both stories are analyzed in this paper with an ecocritical approach to science-fiction as regards how this genre plays a crucial role in broadening the horizons of ecocriticism. The posthumanist perspective of the author offers the reader a chance to interrogate how traditional science-fiction uses apocalyptic and complacent modes to create futuristic images of the world. Ada's stories are exceptional to the Turkish science-fiction genre as they are environmentally oriented.
Ecozon@: European Journal of Literature, Culture and Environment


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