How to Express Emotions: A Psychoeducational Group Therapy for Migraine Patients

Kaya Kurtman, Pınar
Bozo Özen, Özlem


How to make a preservice teacher technology integration course better: Participatory action research
Sadık, Olgun (2014-04-03)
There are various efforts to prepare teachers for technology integration. One of those efforts is preparing them during the pre-service teacher education years. This study aims to identify and overcome issues in a pre-service teacher technology integration course at a Midwest university. The study follows participatory action research (PAR) methodology to see the problems and solutions from the participant instructors own perspectives, and confirms them with the students in the course. The results of the st...
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Büyükboyacı Hanay, Mürüvvet İlknur (null; 2019-09-28)
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Sakallı, Nuray (2000-07-21)
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How to maintain a marriage: Maintenance behaviors, equity, and appreciation in understanding marital satisfaction(+)
Kayabol, Nazli Busra Akcabozan; Sümer, Zeynep (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2020-07-01)
This study investigated the role of self-reported and perceived partners' use of maintenance behaviors (openness, sharing tasks, and positivity) on marital satisfaction through the indirect roles of relational equity and appreciation (felt and expressed). We used a sample of 602 married individuals living in Turkey to test two hypothesized models using Structural Equation Modeling. Our results from the first model indicated that the indirect associations between self-reported use of maintenance behaviors an...
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