Unaccusative unergative distinction in Turkish A connectionist approach

Melda, Coşkun
Acartürk, Cengiz


Unsustainability of the current capitalist imperialist ınternational order and the regional wars
Türkeş, Mustafa (null; 2015-06-27)
Unpredictability in Markov chains
Akhmet, Marat (2022-01-01)
We have formalized realizations of Markov chains as conveniently constructed sequences, and explained, why the random dynamics admits the unpredictability, the concept introduced in our papers previously. The method of the domain structured dynamics (dynamics on labels) has been applied. An illustrating example with a proper numerical simulation is provided.
Unintuitive Inverse Dependence of the Apparent Turnover Frequency on Precatalyst Concentration: A Quantitative Explanation in the Case of Ziegler-Type Nanoparticle Catalysts Made from [(1,5-COD)Ir(mu-O2C8H15)](2) and AlEt3
Crooks, Adam B.; Yih, Kuang-Hway; Li, Long; Yang, Judith C.; Özkar, Saim; Finke, Richard G. (2015-06-01)
The Ziegler-type hydrogenation precatalyst dimer, [(1,5-COD)Ir(mu-O2C8H15)](2) (1,5-COD = 1,5-cyclooctadiene; O2C8H15 = 2-ethylhexanoate) plus added AlEt3 stabilizer has recently been shown to form AlEt3-stabilized, Ziegler-type Ir(0)(similar to 4-15) nanoparticles initially, which then grow to larger Ziegler-type Ir(0)(similar to 40-50) nanoparticles during the catalytic hydrogenation of cyclohexene (Alley, W. M.; Hamdemir, I. K.; Wang, Q.; Frenkel, A. I.; Li, L.; Yang, J. C.; Menard, L. D.; Nuzzo, R. G.; ...
Unsupervised segmentation of gray level Markov model textures with hierarchical self organizing maps
Goktepe, Mesut; Yalabik, Nese; Atalay, Mehmet Volkan (1996-01-01)
Segmentation of gray level images into regions of uniform texture is investigated. An unsupervised approach through the use of Kohonen's self organizing map (SOM) and a multilayer version of it, the hierarchical self organizing map (HSOM), is employed to find the regions in an image composed of textures from different classes. For testing, gray level artificial textured images modeled as Markov random fields are used as the input. No parameter estimation is done. The size and the topology of SOM and HSOM ar...
Imperceptible Adversarial Examples by Spatial Chroma-Shift
Aydın, Ayberk; Sen, Deniz; Karli, Berat Tuna; Hanoglu, Oguz; Temizel, Alptekin (2021-10-20)
Deep Neural Networks have been shown to be vulnerable to various kinds of adversarial perturbations. In addition to widely studied additive noise based perturbations, adversarial examples can also be created by applying a per pixel spatial drift on input images. While spatial transformation based adversarial examples look more natural to human observers due to absence of additive noise, they still possess visible distortions caused by spatial transformations. Since the human vision is more sensitive to the ...
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C. Melda and C. Acartürk, “Unaccusative unergative distinction in Turkish A connectionist approach,” 2010, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: https://hdl.handle.net/11511/80997.