Analysis of Methanogenic Community Changes in Anaerobic Digesters with Ozone Pre-treatment

Tuncay, Sera
Kucukunsal, Serkan
Kayalı, Osman
İçgen, Bülent


Analysis of self-processing mechanism of galactose oxidase by site-directed mutagenesis and heterologous expression in Escherichia Coli
Gençer, Burçak; Ögel, Zümrüt Begüm; Department of Biotechnology (2005)
In this study, self-catalytic maturation of heterologously expressed pro-galactose oxidase was analysed in E.coli by altering some amino acids which were supposed to play a crucial role in pro-peptide removal. Galactose oxidase (GOase; EC from Fusarium graminearum; having a molecular mass of 68kDa, is a monomeric, copper containing enzyme with an unusual thioether bond. The enzyme is produced as a precursor with an additional 8 amino acid pre- and a 17- amino acid pro-sequence at the N terminus. Pr...
Analysis of environmental cues causing the seasonal change in PGM (Phosphoglucomutase) allozyme frequencies in honeybees (Apis Mellifera L)
Döke, Mehmet Ali; Kence, Meral; Department of Biology (2012)
In an earlier project completed in our laboratory a seasonal fluctuation in Phosphoglucomutase (PGM) phenotype frequencies was found, so that the winter bees were almost all heterozygotes and long lived than the summer bees among which homozygotes were significantly at high frequencies at Pgm locus. Same results were obtained in populations of three subspecies, A. m. meda, A. m. caucasica, and A. m. carnica from different climatic regions. In the current study environmental cues related with seasonal change...
Analysis of self-catalytic maturation capability of galactose oxidase by site-directed mutagenesis
Kocuklu, B.; Ögel, Zümrüt Begüm; McPherson, M. J. (2010-06-01)
Analysis of cross immune reactions between standard and local strains of Bordetella pertussis in Turkey
Elvin, I.; Tefon, B. E.; Ozcengiz, E.; Özcengiz, Gülay (2011-06-01)
Kocabıyık, Semra (Elsevier BV, 1989-07-01)
The genetics of ANT(2″) and AAC(3)-II mediated gentamicin resistance in Gram-negative bacteria obtained from Hacettepe University Hospital in Turkey, was studied. The plasmid DNA analyzed by agarose gel electrophoresis revealed a heterogeneous plasmid population. Conjugal transfer appeared to be an efficient mechanism for the dissemination of resistance to gentamicin/tobramycin/kanamycin/streptomycin/chloramphenicol/cephalothin, which was the common resistance pattern in the population. Plasmids of 46, 60, ...
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S. Tuncay, S. Kucukunsal, O. Kayalı, and B. İçgen, “Analysis of Methanogenic Community Changes in Anaerobic Digesters with Ozone Pre-treatment,” 2018, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: