The promotion of an interaction rich L2 classsroom context: A case study in the Turkish context from the perspective of novice and expert teachers

Tokdemir Demirel, Elif
Kaçar, Işıl Günseli


The Development of a web-based instruction model for language classrooms: a case study for effective web application from teachers' perspectives
Özkan, Ebru; Yıldırım, Soner; Department of Computer Education and Instructional Technology (2001)
The Localization of Scientific Research Methodologies: Cases from the field of Education Administration
Gökalp, Gökçe; Göktürk Ağın, Duygun (null; 2017-10-14)
The construction of disabled as needy and invisible through help-only approach: The case of visually disabled living in Ankara, Turkey
Akşehirlioğlu, Fatma Güneş; Beşpınar Akgüner, Fatma Umut; Department of Social Anthropology (2021-9)
The activities on disability issues are largely inefficient and ineffective. The common feature of this situation, which manifests itself in related practices, from disabled people and their families to the state administrators, is that people who turn theory into practice are members of the same society. Therefore, the fundamental social and cultural perception and understanding on disability put into practice by people who compose the society is one of the reasons of this situation. This study is based o...
The Integration of tall buildings with the urban environment: considering the key sustainability concepts
Tohumcu, Tulu; Zeytun Çakmaklı, Ayşem Berrin; Baş Bütüner, Funda; Department of Building Science in Architecture (2014)
As a result of physical, social and economic needs, demand for tall buildings is increasing worldwide. Due to their great size and large impacts on the urban environment, tall buildings, through careful design and urban integration, have the potential to improve the quality around them. Also, depending on their large area of influence, design considerations regarding sustainability and environmental integration of tall buildings need to be handled with more care than with other conventional buildings to pro...
The Institutionalization of the Industrial Design Profession in Turkey: Case Study - The Industrial Designers Society of Turkey
Hasdoğan, Gülay Fatma (Informa UK Limited, 2009-12-01)
This paper reviews the process of institutionalization in industrial design through an analysis of the Endustriyel Tasanmcilar Meslek Kurulusu [Industrial Designers Society of Turkey] (ETMK) since its establishment in 1988. From 1994 onwards, the ETMK has been the leading institution in promoting industrial design through the organization of design exhibitions, design awards and support of design competitions. Using the ETMK's documentation and insights from the author as the ETMK President, this paper anal...
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