Philosophy of mind in Descartes

Yeğin, Arzu


Güremen, Refik (Wiley, 2020-07-01)
Observing certain affinities with Plato'sAlcibiades I, this paper argues that a distinction betweencare(epimeleia) of the soul and philosophy as its art (techne) is reflected in Aristotle'sProtrepticus. On the basis of this distinction, it claims that two notions of philosophy can be distinguished in theProtrepticus: philosophy asepistemeand philosophy astechne. The former has the function of contemplating the truth of nature, and Aristotle praises it as the natural telos of human beings; whereas philosophy...
Birlik, Nurten (2011-11-24)
Understanding of music in the philosophy of Wittgenstein
Canlar, Simay; Turan, Şeref Halil; Department of Philosophy (2019)
In this thesis, Samkhyakarika, which is one of the most important texts of the Indian Philosophy, is analyzed. Moreover, it is argued that Samkhya Philosophy could be examined within the framework of Hadot’s observations and comments on philosophical tradition of Ancient Greek and Roma. Firstly, the main lines of the philosophical-spiritual tradition of Ancient Greek and Roma are shared with the findings and analysis of Hadot. Hadot thinks that Ancient Greek philosophy provides a way of life to the person. ...
Theory and practice of geometry in medieval architecture in the middle east (10th-14th centuries)
Özden, Deniz; Peker, Ali Uzay; Department of History of Architecture (2015)
The aim of this research is to investigate the use of geometry in architecture of the Medieval Middle East considering the place of geometry in the classification of sciences in records of medieval Islamic philosophers and the practical application of geometry in the area of architecture through documents on geometric ornaments and geometric analysis of North Dome of Friday Mosque of Isfahan. This thesis discusses the arguments on the meanings of geometric ornaments and on the collaboration of mathematician...
Philosophical Problems in the Contemporary World
Timuçin, Ali Mehmet; Arıtürk, Mete Han; Çil, Dilek Arlı; Boyacı Gülenç, Nihal Petek; Karataş, Yaylagül Ceran; Coşkun Özüaydın, Bergen; Gülenç, Kurtul; İbrahimhakkıoğlu, Fulden; Nyıro, Miklos; Önkal, Güncel; Tapan, F Cansu; Tunçel Önkal, Ahu (2019-01-01)
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A. Yeğin, “Philosophy of mind in Descartes,” Middle East Technical University, 2001.