A novel 5,6-bis(octyloxy)-2,1,3 benzooxadiazole based donor-acceptor random copolymer for efficient organic photovoltaic devices

Göker, Seza
Hızalan Özsoy, Gönül
Udum, Yasemin
Toppare, Levent Kamil


A novel photosensitizer based on a ruthenium(ii) phenanthroline bis(perylenediimide) dyad: synthesis, generation of singlet oxygen and in vitro photodynamic therapy
Aksakal, Nuray Esra; Kazan, Hasan Huseyin; Ecik, Esra Tanriverdi; YÜKSEL, FATMA (Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC), 2018-11-07)
In this study, a novel photosensitizer having two perylenediimide units and a phenanthroline ruthenium(ii) coordination moiety (Ru-BP) has been developed for photodynamic therapy (PDT) of cancer cells. This new compound was prepared via reactions of two newly designed molecules, namely, 5,6,12,13-tetrakis(4-(tert-butyl)phenoxy)-2-(2,6-diisopropylphenyl)-9-(4-hydroxyphenyl)anthra[2,1,9-def:6,5,10-def]diisoquinoline-1,3,8,10(2H,9H)-tetraone (P6) and a bis(2,2-bipyridyl)-(4,7-dichlorophenanthroline)ruthenium(i...
A Small Album as Tribute
Yazı Kurulu (Middle East Technical University, 2011)
A novel in-operation high g-survivable MEMS gyroscope
Azgın, Kıvanç; Akın, Tayfun (2007-10-31)
This paper presents a new S01-MEMS gyroscope with very high in-operation shock survivability together with very low R 2 nonlinearity and scale factor g-sensitivity, owing to its optimized mechanical structure and durable readout electronics. Maximum stress induced on the gyro structure under a shock loading of 10,000g is determined to be below 860MPa. The new gyroscope also allows keeping the proof mass voltage within the supply voltages of readout electronics, preventing the possibility of electronic failu...
A sociology of jokes
Esin, M. Taylan; Ertürk, Yakın; Department of Sociology (1990)
A Virtual Board Game: Monosoil
Dolma, Ahmet; Türkezer, Mehmet; Durmaz, Muhammet; Duman, Emre; Sarıçiçek, Yılmaz Emre; Pekcan, Onur (2022-01-01)
Monosoil is a virtual board game inspired by the well-known game Monopoly. Players compete with each other by answering questions related to the basic concepts of soil mechanics. The questions cover a wide range of topics, from theoretical concepts to laboratory tests. The game has been developed via MATLAB GUI, allowing players to experience an interactive learning session. The game aims to familiarize senior civil engineering students with soil mechanics by introducing the essentials of the field while en...
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S. Göker, G. Hızalan Özsoy, Y. Udum, and L. K. Toppare, “A novel 5,6-bis(octyloxy)-2,1,3 benzooxadiazole based donor-acceptor random copolymer for efficient organic photovoltaic devices,” 2017, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: https://hdl.handle.net/11511/81744.