Technical change and efficiency in Turkish thermal power plants(1983-1996).

Çelik, Ayşegül


Technical change and efficiency in Turkish manufacturing industries
Taymaz, Erol (1997-11-01)
Technical progress and production efficiency are central to economic growth and international competitiveness. However, these topics received little attention in Less Developed Countries. This study is the first attempt to measure and to understand the extent and importance of technical progress and efficiency in Turkish manufacturing industries. Stochastic production frontiers for Turkish textile, cement, and motor vehicles industries are estimated by using panel data of plants for the years 1987 to 1992. ...
Technical potential of rooftop solar photovoltaic for Ankara: A preliminary study
Kutlu, Elif Ceren; Akınoğlu, Bülent Gültekin; Soytaş, Uğur; Department of Earth System Science (2020-9)
Cities are responsible for over two-thirds of total energy consumption due to the population's externalities. The buildings in the urban areas cause half of this energy consumption. 250 cities have 100% renewable energy target worldwide, including nineteen metropolitans such as London, Los Angeles, Tokyo, and Paris. Besides, these metropolitans aim at zero emissions in new buildings by 2030 and in the existing ones by 2050. By year of 2018, as a developing country, Turkey has a dependency ratio of 73.8 % fo...
Technical and economical aspects of LWR and HWR fuel cycle.
Talay, Altay; Department of Mechanical Engineering (1976)
Technical and economic feasibility of large scale concentrating solar power deployment in Kenya
Kiema, Kathy; Fahrioğlu, Murat; Sustainable Environment and Energy Systems (2017-8)
The electricity generation portfolio in kenya has experienced some problems in the recent past due to the reliance on hydro power which in the event of poor hydrology has led to deployment of expensive diesel fired power plants. Energy planners have sought to diversify the sources utilized for power generation to mitigate risks related to over reliance on hydro and as a result the generation expansion plan for kenya as outlined in the least cost power development plan (lcpdp) is characterized by a significa...
Technical and economical aspects of concrete design with high strength concrete.
Sabri, Salah Eddin; Yeğinobalı, Asım; Department of Civil Engineering (1995)
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