Burgers equations depending on the background geometry



Burgers equations on FLRW space and numerical experiments
Ceylan, Tuba; Okutmuştur, Baver (2014-06-01)
Benders Decomposition for the Multi layer Telecommunication Network Design Problem
Yuksel Ergun, Inci; Süral, Haldun; Kırca, Ömer (null; 2016-07-03)
Marching distance functions for smooth control of hyperbolic grids
Durmus, G; Kavsaoglu, MS (2000-10-01)
The smooth control of hyperbolic grids is achieved by using marching distance functions. The marching distance can be expressed as a function of grid control. The derivative expressions of the linearized hyperbolic equations are approximated by second order central differences.
Scrambling dynamics and many-body chaos in a random dipolar spin model
Keleş, Ahmet; Zhao, Erhai; Liu, W. Vincent (2019-05-01)
Is there a quantum many-body system that scrambles information as fast as a black hole? The Sachev-Ye-Kitaev model can saturate the conjectured bound for chaos, but it requires random all-to-all couplings of Majorana fermions that are hard to realize in experiments. Here we examine a quantum spin model of randomly oriented dipoles where the spin exchange is governed by dipole-dipole interactions. The model is inspired by recent experiments on dipolar spin systems of magnetic atoms, dipolar molecules, and ni...
Schwarz problem for complex partial differential equations
Aksoy, Ümit; Çelebi, Okay; Department of Mathematics (2006)
This study consists of four chapters. In the first chapter we give some historical background of the problem, basic definitions and properties. Basic integral operators of complex analysis and and Schwarz problem for model equations are presented in Chapter 2. Chapter 3 is devoted to the investigation of the properties of a class of strongly singular integral operators. In the last chapter we consider the Schwarz boundary value problem for the general partial complex differential equations of higher order.
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