Post irradiation examination of fast neutron irradiated 14YWT tubes at nuclear science user facilities

Saleh, Tarik
Krumwiede, David
Aydoğan Güngör, Eda
Quintana, Mh
Romero, Tj
Hosemann, Peter
Maloy, Stuart
Transactions of American Nuclear Society


Post irradiation examination of fast neutron irradiated 14YWT tubes at nuclear science user facilities
Saleh, T.a.; Krumwiede, D.l.; Aydoğan Güngör, Eda; Quintana, M.h.; Romero, T.j.; Hosemann, P.; Maloy, S.a. (2017-01-01)
Post-disaster Sensor-based Condition Assessment of Buildings to Develop Evacuation Strategies
Ergin, T,; S,, Baltası; Erberik, Ma; Kurc, O,; Ergen, E,; Birgönül, Mustafa Talat (null; 2012-06-29)
This study focuses on sensor-based, real-time condition assessment of buildings during and after multi-hazard emergencies and it is based on the idea that; the spatial distribution of damage in a building can be monitored by the help of different types of sensors. The number and locations of these sensors are arranged in such a way that it becomes possible to picture the current condition of the building. Sensors utilized in this study can be listed as accelerometer, ultrasonic range finder, gyroscope, clos...
Post-experience evaluations of health services by medicaltourists: the role of regulatory orientations
Türkdoğan, Ceren; Yılmaz, Cengiz; Department of Business Administration (2016)
This study aims to classify international medical tourists in Turkey as promotion focused and prevention focused according to regulatory focus theory and to investigate whether there is a relationship between their orientations and their post-experience evaluations. While examining it, the relationship among perceived destination image, perceived service quality, perceived value, overall satisfaction and behavioral intentions are investigated and then, the factors affecting post-experience evaluations of bo...
Post-disaster relief distribution under road vulnerabilities and aftershocks
Baksı, Bikem Bennu; Çelik, Melih; Department of Industrial Engineering (2017)
In this thesis, a two-stage stochastic mixed integer programming approach is proposed to determine the two types of post-disaster decisions, namely relief distribution with direct/ lateral transshipment and emergency roadway repair simultaneously, under the risk of potential aftershocks. Two objective functions are considered: minimization of the demand-weighted total travel time subject to satisfying all demand (efficacy-based), and minimizing the maximum unsatisfied demand over all demand points (equity-b...
ALPAR, MA; CHAU, HF; CHENG, KS; PINES, D (American Astronomical Society, 1993-05-20)
We present a comprehensive reevaluation of eight of the nine glitches observed to date from the Vela pulsar, and the postglitch relaxation following each glitch. All glitch data sets can be described in terms of three distinct components of short and intermediate time scale exponential relaxation, followed by a long-term recovery of the glitch-induced change in the spin-down rate that is linear in t, DELTAOMEGA(c)(t) is-proportional-to t. We interpret the short and the intermediate time scale exponential re...
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