'Ev'in Halleri'
Özgenel, Lale ( ODTÜ Basım İşliği, 2016-01-01)
'Net-Class', A multilingual web based learning management tool
Basaran, S; Yalabik, N; Kiziloglu, U (2002-10-30)
This paper presents a web based multilingual learning management system (LMS) 'Net-Class'. The Net-Class software provides online course management facilities for instructors, students and administrators. Even though it is designed for web-based asynchronous distance learning, it may also be used as a supplementary teaching-learning toot for traditional face-to-face courses. Net-Class features many facilities for communication, motivation building, assessment and course administration. Especially designed t...
'I like my accent but horizontal ellipsis ': EFL teachers' evaluation of English accent varieties
Misir, Hulya; Gürbüz, Nurdan (2021-08-01)
In this study, we investigated Turkish EFL teachers' level of recognition of English accent varieties and their attitudes regarding three common domains, status (e.g. educatedness, intelligence), solidarity (friendliness, kindness), and dynamism (confidence, talkativeness). We also explored the English teachers' choices of English accents in various language-using contexts. Through the verbal-guise technique, we were able to evaluate the teachers' language attitudes towards accents, yet we also integrated a...
'‘This Grand Slaughter’: Art, Memory, and the First World War in Occupied Istanbul
Tongo Overfield Shaw, Gizem (2021-02-18)
`Parametric landscape urbanism`: a model proposal for operational framework
Akman, Sadik Deniz; Çalışkan, Olgu; Department of City and Regional Planning (2017)
Most of the contemporary cities today tend to integrate landscape into their infrastructure of water harvesting, land reclamation, and transportation by reclaiming them as the new system of public space. In this context, landscape urbanism suggests new methodologies to design and organize that comprehensive and complex integration process. The question of organizing that integration has already become a a prominent question both in practice and research. With the new interpretation of the landscape concept,...
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