Tracing magmatic history from zircons of the S- and H-type granitoids in the Ekecikdağ Intrusive Suite (central Anatolia, Turkey).



Tracing regional differences on the urban space The case of Ankara
Büyükcivelek, Ahmet Burak; Şenyel Kürkçüoğlu, Müzeyyen Anıl (null; 2006-09-18)
The paper intends to reveal the effects of regional differences on urban space in terms of physical, social and economic characteristics. In this sense, both Turkey itself and its big cities are considerable, due to their internal and external dynamics. To begin with, Turkey is exposed to a regional segregation - relatively more developed western part, and relatively less developed eastern part - for decades. Due to the development differences, there has been an ongoing migration from the east to the big ci...
Tracing the Impact of 4.2 ka and 3.2 ka BP Climatic Events on the Agriculture of Tell Atchana and Toprakhisar Sites in the Hatay Region through Multidisciplinary Examination of Archaeobotanical Assemblages
Sinmez, Ebrar; Pişkin, Evangelia; Department of Settlement Archaeology (2022-9)
This thesis investigates the impacts of 4.2 ka and 3.2 ka BP climatic changes on the agricultural practices in Toprakhisar Höyük and Tell Atchana, located in the Hatay region of southern Turkey. The fundamental inquiry in this thesis is if or to what extent the aforementioned climatic changes affected the agricultural practices of the communities. To answer this question, a descriptive analysis of cereals and wild seeds of archaeobotanical assemblages of these two sites has been assessed. Besides, morphomet...
Tracing continuities within the mediterranean space
Göksoy, Burcu; Aközer, Emel; Department of Architecture (1999)
Defining additional stratigraphy in paleoseismic trenches by 2d logging of magnetic susceptibility :A paleoseismic investigation near lake Ladik, North Anatolian fault, Turkey
Fraser, Jeff; Hubert-ferrari, Aurelia; Vanneste, Kris; Avşar, Ulaş; Altınok, Sevgi (null; 2008-12-19)
The North Anatolian Fault (NAF) is a dextral strike-slip plate-boundary fault zone extending ~1400 km in an arc across northern Turkey. We opened a paleoseismic trench ~2.7 km NW of Destek village on a segment which ruptured (for ~280 km) in the 1943 Ladik Earthquake (Mw:7.7). Sediments exposed in the trench yielded information on the timing of at least 6 paleoearthquake events during the last 3000 years in addition to evidence of the 1943 event. The trench was excavated across an uphill-facing fault scarp ...
Sadighrad, Ehsan; Salihoğlu , Bettina Fach; Department of Oceanography (2019-9-24)
A three-dimensional, high resolution ocean model, the Nucleus for a European Model of the Ocean (NEMO) is set up for the Black Sea. It is used to simulate the general circulation of the Black Sea and investigate interannual variability of physical properties, dynamics and mesoscale features from 1985 to 2014. The model is validated by univariate and multivariate analyses, comparing the model results with available in situ and satellite data of sea surface temperature, salinity and sea surface height. The si...
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