Structural performance analysis of the generalized hypercube multiprocessor network

Salamah, Mohammad


Structural Analysis of Synchronization in Networks of Linear Oscillators
Tuna, Sezai Emre (2022-07-01)
In undirected networks of identical linear oscillators coupled through dissipative and restorative connectors (e.g., pendulums undergoing small vibrations connected via dampers and springs), the relation between asymptotic synchronization and coupling structure is studied. Conditions on the interconnection under which synchronization can be achieved for some selection of coupling strengths are established. How to strengthen those conditions so that synchronization is guaranteed for all admissible parameter ...
Structural analysis of morphing control surfaces
Tıraş, Harun; Yaman, Yaman; Department of Aerospace Engineering (2017)
In this thesis, design and analysis of a hybrid trailing edge control surface is performed. Only camber motion and twisting motion of the trailing edge control surface are considered. There are four control surface configurations that are analyzed. For the first configuration, servo actuators actuating the control surface are inside the control surface volume and control surface is without pre-twist. For the second case, the control surface is pre-twisted and actuators are inside the control surface volume....
Structural analysis of microclusters by classical and quantum mechanical minimization methods
Elmacı, Nuran; Yurtsever, Ersin; Department of Chemistry (1990)
Structural finite element analysis of stiffened and honeycomb panels of the RASAT satellite
Ontac, S.; Dağ, Serkan; Goekler, M. I. (2007-06-16)
This paper describes the structural analysis carried out on the main stiffened and honeycomb panels of the RASAT satellite. The analysis here supports the design process and aims to ensure that the panels survive structural qualification testing. This analysis therefore forms part of the overall qualification process. The stiffened and honeycomb panels being considered in this document form the outer box structure of the satellite. These panels consist of the space-facing facet (SFF), solar panels including...
Structural Coupling of Two Nonlinear Structures
Tepe, Çağrı; Ciğeroğlu, Ender (null; 2015-02-02)
In mechanical design, modeling and analysis of a complex structure can be simplified with dividing the structure into substructures; therefore, any change in the structure can be addressed easily which is referred as “structural coupling”. Utilization of proper coupling techniques, it is possible to understand the behavior of the whole structure by considering the behavior of its substructures. For linear structures, coupling is a common technique; however, in most of the engineering structures, nonlinearit...
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M. Salamah, “Structural performance analysis of the generalized hypercube multiprocessor network,” Middle East Technical University, 1990.