Soil Parameter Identification by Differential Evolution

Dörtdivanlıoğlu, Berkin
Pekcan, Onur
In this study, a method to estimate the soil strength parameters (c': effective stress cohesion, Φ': residual friction angle) of a natural slope adopting inverse analysis via the meta-heuristic optimization algorithm, Differential Evolution, is proposed. A case study, the stability of a natural slope is analyzed to prove the effectiveness of the proposed method. During analysis, to evaluate the factor of safety, two rigorous methods, Spencer's method and Simplified Janbu method are utilized. An error function is constructed between calculated and known factor of safety. Then, this function is optimized within the desired tolerance. Results produced by the proposed algorithm are consistent with the laboratory data and field observations, and accurate enough to conduct further engineering analyses.
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B. Dörtdivanlıoğlu and O. Pekcan, “Soil Parameter Identification by Differential Evolution,” presented at the Soil Parameter Identification by Differential Evolution”, IPDO, The 4th Inverse problems, design and optimization symposium, 26 - 28 Haziran 2013, 2013, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: