Periyodik Yapılı Elektro-Aktif Polimerlerin Kararlılık Analizi



Efficient numerical analysis of periodic structures using the theory of characteristic modes
Yiğit, Haykır; Aydın Çivi, Hatice Özlem; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2022-12)
The characteristic mode analysis has become a popular and versatile tool in antenna design and analysis. This analysis provides useful information about radiation characteristics of scatterers and offers physical insight into the radiation problem. Hence it can also be exploited in the solution of periodic structures. In this work, an integral based simulation program has been developed to perform the modal analysis of periodic structures. This dissertation consists of three interrelated parts. In the first...
Analysis of stress in the elastic state in a solid cylinder subjected to periodic boundary condition
Yedekçi, Buşra; Eraslan, Ahmet Nedim; Department of Engineering Sciences (2015)
An analytical model is developed to investigate the thermoelastic response of a solid cylinder subjected to periodic boundary condition. Time dependent periodic boundary condition for the solid cylinder is treated by the help of Duhamel's theorem. The corresponding thermoelastic equation is obtained in terms of radial displacement by using basic equations of elasticity under generalized plane strain presupposition. Analytical solution of the thermoelastic equation is obtained to determine the distributions ...
Identification of periodic autoregressive moving average models
Akgün, Burçin; Ayhan, Hüseyin Öztaş; Ula, Taylan A.; Department of Statistics (2003)
In this thesis, identification of periodically varying orders of univariate Periodic Autoregressive Moving-Average (PARMA) processes is mainly studied. The identification of the varying orders of PARMA process is carried out by generalizing the well-known Box-Jenkins techniques to a seasonwise manner. The identification of pure periodic moving-average (PMA) and pure periodic autoregressive (PAR) models are considered only. For PARMA model identification, the Periodic Autocorrelation Function (PeACF) and Per...
Analysis of stress in a solid cylinder with periodic heat generation
Varlı, Ekin; Eraslan, Ahmet Nedim; Department of Engineering Sciences (2015)
Thermoelastic stress response of a periodic heat generating solid cylinder is investigated by analytical means. The cylinder is initially at zero temperature. For times greater than zero, heat is generated internally and slowly at a time dependent rate. Two periodic heat generation rates are used. The temperature distribution in the solid cylinder corresponding to each generation rate is obtained by making use of Duhamel’s theorem. An uncoupled thermoelastic solution of the solid cylinder is then obtained u...
Efficient computation of the Green's function for multilayer structures with periodic dielectric gratings
Adanır, Süleyman; Alatan, Lale; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2011)
Numerical analysis of periodic structures in layered media is usually accomplished by using Method of Moments which requires the formation of the impedance matrix of the structure. The construction of this impedance matrix requires the evaluation of the periodic Green’s function in layered media which is expressed as an infinite series in terms of the spectral domain Green’s function. The slow converging nature of this series make these kinds of analysis computationally expensive. Although some papers have ...
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