Creep movements of reactivated landslides



Creep deformation in reinforced concrete beams.
Atımtay, Ergin; Department of Civil Engineering (1967)
Creep properties of asphaltic concrete under repeated loading
Uluğtekin, Erkan; Acar, S. Osman; Department of Civil Engineering (1999)
Creep Behaviour of a Polymer-based Underground Support Liner
Güner, Doğukan; Öztürk, Hasan (2017-07-09)
Creep modelling study of a surface support liner
Güner, Doğukan; Öztürk, Hasan (2018-06-24)
Surface supports are widely used in underground excavations. Since conventional surface support liners have inherently-brittle characteristics and require longer curing period, an alternative support system using polymer based surface support liner, thin spray-on liners (TSLs), has been observed to have a promising ductile and fast-curing potential for underground operations. TSLs can exhibit a good performance for highly-stressed, deep, rock bursting conditions as well when used together with rock bolts an...
Creep behaviour analysis of thin spray-on liners
Güner, Doğukan; Öztürk, Hasan; Department of Mining Engineering (2020)
Thin Spray-on Liner (TSL) is a relatively thin (2–5 mm) and fast-setting liner material used by spraying onto rock surfaces to support underground excavations. Areal support materials that are sprayed onto the rock, such as shotcrete or liners, are able to generate support resistance at small rock deformations and can prevent underground rockfalls from happening in the first place. However, where large ground convergence occurs, the more flexible TSLs may provide superior support over the full range of rock...
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