Joint type and joint density analysis in the flysch sequence around Kırıkkale

Türkiye Petrol Jeologları Derneği Bülteni


Joint Antenna and Propagation Model Parameter Estimation Using RSS Measurements
Kasebzadeh, Parinaz; Fritsche, Carsten; Özkan, Emre; Gunnarsson, Fredrik; Gustafsson, Fredrik (2015-07-06)
In this paper, a semi-parametric model for RSS measurements is introduced that can be used to predict coverage in cellular radio networks. The model is composed of an empirical log-distance model and a deterministic antenna gain model that accounts for possible non-uniform base station antenna radiation. A least-squares estimator is proposed to jointly estimate the path loss and antenna gain model parameters. Simulation as well as experimental results verify the efficacy of this approach. The method can pro...
Joint frequency offset and channel estimation
Avan, Muhammet; Candan, Çağatay; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2008)
In this thesis study, joint frequency offset and channel estimation methods for single-input single-output (SISO) systems are examined. The performance of maximum likelihood estimate of the parameters are studied for different training sequences. Conventionally training sequences are designed solely for the channel estimation purpose. We present a numerical comparison of different training sequences for the joint estimation problem. The performance comparisons are made in terms of mean square estimation err...
Fatigue Precracking Time Estimates for Three-Point Bending Specimens
Ghasabi, A. Alipour; Motameni, A; Kadıoğlu, Fevzi Suat (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2019-10-01)
Specimens containing sharp cracks are needed in certain types of mechanical tests, first and foremost for fracture toughness measurement of materials. Their use, however, is not just limited to this type of test. Another category of experiments deals with characterizing nonlinear vibrations of beams containing breathing cracks. To produce cracked beam specimens, fatigue cracks can be grown ahead of sharp notches under controlled loading. ASTM E399 and ASTM E1820 standards provide guidance on such procedures...
Joint analysis in the rock settlements of Cappadocia, Turkey
Sevindi, Gökhan; Toprak, Vedat; Department of Geological Engineering (2003)
This thesis attempts to seek a relationship between the joints developed in the ignimbrites and the rock settlements carved in the same units. Orientation of rooms, directions of walls and joints (both in the rooms and in the field) are input data used in the study. Two sites in Cappadocia (Eskigümüşler and Çanlikilise) are selected to investigate the relationship. Both sites are carved within the same ignimbrite (Kizilkaya) and are located on the south-southeastern slopes of the ignimbrite scarp. Measureme...
Joint shear strength prediction for reinforced concrete beam-to-column connections
Unal, Mehmet; Burak Bakır, Burcu (2012-02-10)
In this analytical study numerous prior experimental studies on reinforced concrete beam-to-column connections subjected to cyclic loading are investigated and a database of geometric properties, material strengths, configuration details and test results of subassemblies is established. Considering previous experimental research and employing statistical correlation method, parameters affecting joint shear capacity are determined. Afterwards, an equation to predict the joint shear strength is formed based o...
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