An archaeology of ‘Special Buildings‘? İntroductory remarks

Dietrich, Laura
Dietrich, Oliver
Notroff, Jens
Erdem, Deniz
Oross, Krisztin


An assessment of urban archaeology and archaeological heritage: a case study in Ulus-Ankara
Çağlayan, Deniz; Department of City and Regional Planning (1999)
A Feminist Genealogy of the Lived Body? Rethinking the Gendered Body as a Site of Excess and Indeterminacy
İbrahimhakkıoğlu, Fulden (2019-04-30)
This essay offers a rethinking of the gendered body as both lived and historically constituted. These two dimensions are sometimes seen as irreconcilable, especially by some proponents of post-structuralism who are critical of phenomenology. My contention is that when approaching gender, Merleau-Ponty's paradoxical formulation of the body as "always something other than what it is" can accompany a genealogy of the body. The body, as excessive, indeterminate, and ambiguous in Merleau-Pontian phenomenology, i...
Mimarların Halkın Dilini Anlamasına Yönelik Bir Çalışma; Mimar Ve Mimar Olmayan Benzerliği
Özbudak Akca, Y. Berivan; Erdoğan, Ebru; Akalın, Aysu (Middle East Technical University, Faculty of Architecture, 2015-12-8)
This study discusses connotative meaning, which is a design input, and how it is understood by architects and laypersons. The study also examines layperson's value judgments and the factors that influence them. Studies of architects and laypersons have mainly attempted to acquire information from laypeople so that architects can use it to estimate their opinions. If architects know how connotative meanings affect laypersons, they can make better design decisions. For all these reasons, the author examined t...
An Analysis of the political approach of John Dryden’s plays and their appraisal through the ideas of Edmund Burke /
Dore, Peter Jeremy; Sönmez, Margaret Jeanne M.; Department of English Literature (2014)
This thesis is an analysis of the political approach of the plays of John Dryden and an analysis of it through the ideas of Edmund Burke. This work establishes that Dryden had a political program, it being the use of his literary work to promote the concept of monarchical legitimacy so as to support Charles II and the legitimate succession to his rule. Dryden engages in this program in his dramas by depicting the legitimate rulers within them as exceptionally virtuous. He additionally uses his plays to make...
An architectural investigation of leisure spaces in the roman domestic context: the case of Ephesus
Çinici, Ahmet; Özgenel, Lale; Department of Settlement Archaeology (2006)
Leisure is most basically defined as “the time free from work”. The ancient conception and forms of leisure were quite different from the modern ones, which came into discussion during the industrial era. The Roman society was highly stratified and comprised of diverse social classes for which leisure acquired different forms and meanings. Every stratum of the Roman society enjoyed the possibilities and pleasures of leisure proportional to its hierarchy in the social system, so that leisure can be investiga...
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