Offshore wind farms: Potential and applicabilityin the Southern Marmara Region, Turkey

Oğuz, Elif
Akgul, M Adil
İncecik, Atilla
In this study, applicability of offshore wind energy conversion systems in the Southern Marmara Region has been investigated. For this purpose, four different regions were selected and wind properties of the regions were assessed. Selected regions have been analyzed by taking into account the wind data measured as mean daily time series. The wind data used in this study has been taken from Mete- orological Data Archive and Management System of Turkish State Meteorological Service (TUMAS- TSMS). As a first step for the deployment of offshore wind farms in Turkey, the wind energy potential along the southern Marmara shoreline has been assessed. Combined with the regions wave climate prop- erties and bathymmetrical features, suitable locations for offshore wind energy farms are recommended. The outcome indicates that the regions surrounding Kapidag Peninsula can be used to deploy offshore wind turbine systems. More site-specific data and research is needed in order to augment this study.
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E. Oğuz, M. A. Akgul, and A. İncecik, “Offshore wind farms: Potential and applicabilityin the Southern Marmara Region, Turkey,” Coruna, İspanya, 2013, p. 943, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: