Designing of a geometry and spatial sense curriculum

Ay, Yasin
Yılmaz, Elanur
The 3rd International Congress on Curriculum and Instruction (22 Ekim 2015 - 24 Ocak 2016)


Design of Novel Organocatalyst Library Applications
Tanyeli, Cihangir (null; 2016-02-18)
Design of collaborative problem-solving activities with educational robots for middle school students
Güleç, Mustafa; Zahide, Yıldırım; Department of Computer Education and Instructional Technology (2020-12-21)
The purpose of this study was to explore the design of collaborative problem-solving activities in order to solve ill-structured problems in science with educational robots for middle school students. In conjunction with this purpose, a formative research design was followed to investigate the development and implementation process of ill-structured problem-solving activities. Accordingly, problem-solving activities were developed by the help of faculty members in science education and instructional technol...
Implementation of systems thinking skills module for the context of energy
Can, Hediye; Öztekin, Ceren; Department of Elementary Education (2020)
The aim of this dissertation is to explore how pre-service science teachers develop their systems thinking skills in the context of energy. Qualitative methodology is followed through the research. The study conducted in stages that consist of development of systems thinking module for implementation, development of tools to collect data, implementation of the module, and data collection procedure before, during and after the implementation and data analysis. Nine preservice science teachers at the faculty ...
Design and synthesis of functional molecular squares
Akpınar, Handan; Akkaya, Engin Umut; Department of Chemistry (2006)
Self-assembly has big importance in synthesizing supramolecular structures. Highly fluorescent molecular squares with boradiazaindacene (BODIPY) building blocks were obtained via usage of metal driven self-asembly. The boradiazaindacene units were connected with the Pd(II) complex unit enforcing a near-90 degree angle between the building blocks. Thus, we believe we have the first example of BODIPY carrying fluorescent squares. With collective experience in BODIPY chemistry in our group, we may have the fir...
Design of mobile Applications for the Communication Needs of Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders
Polat, Hamza; Delialioğlu, Ömer (2017-04-26)
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