Understanding pre-service early childhood teachers’ levels of connectedness with the natural world and their landscape preferences: a turkish sample.

Alkuş, Simge
Olgan, Refika
Öztürk-yılmaztekin, Elif
65th OMEP World Assembly and Congress (9 - 13 Temmuz 2013)


Understanding female domestic workers’ daily mobilities: a case study in Ankara
Kara, Hilal; Bayırbağ, Mustafa Kemal; Department of Urban Policy Planning and Local Governments (2016)
This thesis analyzes female urban practices, their mobility patterns and their urban perception emphasizing domestic labour. Regarding conventional wisdom which domestic labour relates to private sphere, female domestic labour has been considered as “invisible”; however, this thesis investigates female domestic workers’ visibility in the public sphere and spatiality in the city because female domestic labour may be seen as the most suitable site to observe all new forms of class and production of spaces. Co...
Understanding surgical craft in the changing context of technology, transformation of healthcare and marketization: a case study on surgeons in İstanbul, Turkey
Başkavak, Cihan Gülşah; Kalaycıoğlu, Hediye Sibel; Department of Sociology (2017)
This dissertation aims to understand surgical work as a craft and explore how surgery maintains its craft character in the face of transformations in medical technologies and the social organization of healthcare. A conceptual framework that defines the basic components of surgical craft is developed for this aim. Based on this conceptual framework, the interaction between surgical craft and technology is investigated in the context of surgery’s relations with the state, market and patients. Contemporary Tu...
Aygoren, Oguzhan; Yılmaz, Cengiz (2013-05-18)
Understanding schooling process at basic high schools : a multiple-case study
Yıldırım Taştı, Özlem Fatma; Engin Demir, Cennet; Department of Educational Sciences (2019)
The purpose of this multiple-case study was to understand the schooling process at Basic High Schools (BHSs). The data were gathered through semi-structured interviews and observations in five BHSs in Ankara. In this regard, students, parents, teachers, school principals, school counselors, and vice-principal were interviewed. Besides, in-depth field notes were taken in each of the cases during the whole school hours in a week. Content analysis was employed to analyze the qualitative data. The findings reve...
Understanding Choice Behavior in Political Marketing Context: A Favorable Voter Response Model
Aygören, Oğuzhan; Yılmaz, Cengiz (Springer International Publishing, 2015-01-01)
Founded in 1971, the Academy of Marketing Science is an international organization dedicated to promoting timely explorations of phenomena related to the science of marketing in theory, research, and practice. Among its services to members and the community at large, the Academy offers conferences, congresses and symposia that attract delegates from around the world. Presentations from these events are published in this Proceedings series, which offers a comprehensive archive of volumes reflecting the evolu...
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S. Alkuş, R. Olgan, and E. Öztürk-yılmaztekin, “Understanding pre-service early childhood teachers’ levels of connectedness with the natural world and their landscape preferences: a turkish sample.,” Shanghai, Çin, 2013, p. 229, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: https://hdl.handle.net/11511/83344.