What do the prospective English language teachers think of the dominance of English as an International Language



What Do Teacher Candidates in Turkey Think About Their Teacher Education? A Qualitative Study
Eret Orhan, Esra (Turkish Education Association, 2017-2-21)
Teachers have a significant role to provide the education that societies need. Therefore, the content and quality of teacher education is quite important for educating successful and competent teachers. Teacher candidates admitted to teacher education are expected to gain certain skills during their education. Moreover, the dimensions of teacher education should have an effectiveness to foster the development of these skills. This qualitative study aims to evaluate teacher education from the perspectives of...
What does a Survey Study on Beliefs towards Human Population Growth Imply for Teacher Education
Demirci, Sinem; Şahin, Elvan; Teksöz, Gaye (null; 2014-04-24)
Problem, theoretical framework and aims: Every human being desires to meet survival needs like nutrition, fresh water, clothes and shelter; however, when the world’s current situation is examined, people come across with some challenges, especially in some societies having a rapid population growth (Raven & Berg, 2006). Nevertheless, no consensus is reached on the interactions between human population growth (HPG), environment, economic systems and quality of human life. The HPG trends in the history leads ...
What are elementary teachers expectations regarding reasoning and proof in school mathematics
İşler Baykal, Işıl (null; 2016-07-24)
What People in Turkey Think About E-Learning? Their Awareness and Preferences
Karakuş Yılmaz, Türkan; Adıyaman, Zehra; Aşkun, Cengiz Savaş; Baran, Bahar; Onat Bayır, Gülin; Demirel, Funda; Kurşun, Engin; Uzun, Erman; Yalçınalp, Serpil; Uzun, Sevcan (null; 2006-09-13)
People’s awareness on e-learning influences their expectations and preferences about it. Revealing these expectation and preferences will allow e-learning providers to meet their prospect students’ needs and improve themselves. In this study it is aimed to investigate the preferences and expectation of people, living in urban setting and using technology more than other settings, by considering their awareness about e-learning and distance education. Results of the study which 663 people participated showed...
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