Time resolved luminescence studies of Mn2 ions in YAlO3

Zhydachevskii, Y
Luchechko, A
Maraba, D
Martynyuk, N
Glowacki, M
Bulur, Enver
Ubizskii, S
Berkowski, M
Suchocki, A


Time Resolved Optically Stimulated Luminescence From Phosphors with Long Emission Lifetimes
Bulur, Enver (null; 2016-09-07)
Time resolved laser induced incandescence for soot and cenospheres measurements in oil flames
Allouis, Christophe Gerard; D'Alessio, A; Noviello, C; Beretta, F (2000-01-01)
The quantitative characterization of sooting flames in terms of soot load and total soot surface area continues to be a major challenge in both fundamental investigations and practical applications. More particularly, a major interest can be found to discriminate the two classes of particulate, namely soot and cenosphere, presents in power generation plants fuelled with heavy fuel oils.
Time resolved Fabry-Perot measurements of cavity temperature in pulsed QCLs
Gundogdu, S.; Pisheh, H. S.; Demir, A.; Gunoven, M.; Aydinli, A.; Sirtori, C. (The Optical Society, 2018-3-5)
Temperature rise during operation is a central concern of semiconductor lasers and especially difficult to measure during a pulsed operation. We present a technique for in situ time-resolved temperature measurement of quantum cascade lasers operating in a pulsed mode at similar to 9.25 mu m emission wavelength. Using a step-scan approach with 5 ns resolution, we measure the temporal evolution of the spectral density, observing longitudinal Fabry-Perot modes that correspond to different transverse modes. Con...
Time resolved spectroscopy of laser induced air plasma
Kurt, Mustafa; Esendemir, Akif; Department of Physics (2007)
The laser beam interaction with matter and the plasma generation have been studied for many years. In some applications what is really important is to understand the composition and the temporal evolution of the species in the interested medium. In this thesis, time resolved optical spectroscopy was employed to understand the evolution of the plasma which is produced by interaction of Infrared (1.064 m) laser beam with air. In this thesis, a new technique is suggested to analyze the time evolution of laser ...
Time interrupted behavior of ammonia synthesis over ruthenium based catalysts
Üner, Deniz; Uner, Necip Berker (2015-03-22)
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Y. Zhydachevskii et al., “Time resolved luminescence studies of Mn2 ions in YAlO3,” 2016, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: https://hdl.handle.net/11511/83819.