Strategic information systems planning and development of an analysis tool

Turhan, Bilgehan


Strategic Cyber-Security Perspective in Smart Grids
Canbek, Gurol; SAĞIROĞLU, Şeref (2018-03-25)
Conventional energy grids growing in time have become complex, inefficient and expensive to operate and use. They are critical because of providing the whole energy needs of the technologies required for our modern life but also cumbersome entities. "Smarting" the grids by automating, facilitating the troubleshooting and productivity analysis with the help of information technologies infrastructure, reinforcing the controls, charging the services in details makes it possible to administrate efficiently and ...
Strategic spatial planning and its implementation in Turkey : Şanlıurfa provincial development planning case
Gedikli, Bahar; Ersoy, Melih; Department of City and Regional Planning (2004)
This thesis aims at analyzing the strategic spatial planning, which has received widespread acceptance both in developed and developing countries. Turkey is one of the countries that has been trying to adopt this new tendency. Recently, Provincial Development Planning has been introduced into the Turkish planning system as a stratgeic planning attempt. This thesis evaluates the Sanliurfa Provincial Development Planning case with respect to a set of criteria; underlines the role of continent factors (specifi...
Critical process determination, performance measurement and improvement studies in a health-care organization
Karzek, İlke; Saatçioğlu, Ömer; Department of Industrial Engineering (2002)
Management information systems and an application
Tunc, S Senol; Aktaş, Ziya; Department of Computer Engineering (1987)
Critical Awareness in a Materials Analysis and Development Course
Tezgiden Cakcak, Sebahat Yasemin (null; 2019-02-15)
Recognizing the political nature of teaching English, critical applied linguists have called for including issues of inequality, injustice, social stratification, gender, poverty, exploitation or environmental destruction in language education (Doğançay-Aktuna, 2006; Grabe, Stoller & Tardy, 2001; Gray, 2013; Pennycook, 1994, 2000; Vergera, 2014). This paper tells the story of an attempt to address issues of inequality and injustice through a critical materials analysis and development course in a pre-servic...
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B. Turhan, “Strategic information systems planning and development of an analysis tool,” Middle East Technical University, 1990.