Sipermetrin ve balık sinyalinin Daphnia pulex in morfolojik ve populasyon parametreleri üzerindeki etkileri



The biodegradation pathway of cypermethrin
Kokangül, merve; Kurt, Zöhre; Department of Biochemistry (2022-5-26)
Cypermethrin (CYP) is a commonly used type Ⅱ pyrethroid for the protection of both agriculture and household, causing serious secondary environmental pollution. Environmentally friendly and effective techniques such as biodegradation can minimize or remove the contaminants and their potentially harmful metabolites from the environment. In this study, two bacterial strains isolated from agricultural soil obtained from fig farms in Adana were identified as Enterobacter hormaechei ZK101 and Stenotrophomonas ma...
Order driven flexible shop management
Bulut, Aykut; Kayalıgil, Sinan; Department of Industrial Engineering (2011)
The difficulties in responding to variation in product order mixes and load levels effectively in make to order are known. Most of the existing approaches consider releasing jobs to the shop (input control), changing capacity levels (output control) in a controlled way, order acceptance with different definitions of work load and due date assignment. Controlling the processes, routing options and the order accepting capacity with various tool combinations that will decrease tool loading are not considered p...
A Survey on the provable security using indistinguishability notion on cryptographic encryption schemes
Ayar, Emre; Doğanaksoy, Ali; Koçak, Onur; Department of Cryptography (2018)
For an encryption scheme, instead of Shannon's perfect security definition, Goldwasser and Micali defined a realistic provable security called semantic security. Using indistinguishability notion, one can define security levels according to the polynomial time adversaries' capabilities such as chosen plaintext attacks (CPA) and chosen ciphertext attacks (CCA) for both symmetric and asymmetric encryption schemes in addition to the hard mathematical problems the algorithms based on. Precautions to prevent the...
An agent-based order review and release system in make-to-order production
Aktuğ, Onur; Kandiller, Levent; Department of Industrial Engineering (2004)
Workload control (WLC) systems constitute a framework mainly for the inputoutput control systems which regulate both jobs̕ queues into the workshop and the flow of finished goods out of the workshop. This study is concerned with the job entry and release level of WLC which maintains a pool of unreleased jobs for the controlled release of jobs. While most of the studies in WLC concepts deal with the centralized workload control, our study decentralizes the job entry and release control and makes workstations...
An image encryption algorithm robust to post-encryption bitrate conversion
Akdağ, Sadık Bahaettin; Candan, Çağatay; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2006)
In this study, a new method is proposed to protect JPEG still images through encryption by employing integer-to-integer transforms and frequency domain scrambling in DCT channels. Different from existing methods in the literature, the encrypted image can be further compressed, i.e. transcoded, after the encryption. The method provides selective encryption/security level with the adjustment of its parameters. The encryption method is tested with various images and compared with the methods in the literature ...
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