Phylogenetic Relationship Of Scrophularia Species In Turkey Based On Non Coding trn Regions and matK Gene Region Of Chloroplast Genome

Ateş, Mevlüde Alev
Uzunhisarcıklı, Mehmet Erkan
Doğan Güner, Ebru
Önde, Sertaç
Ekici, Murat
Kaya, Zeki


Phylogenetic relationships among Triticum L. and Aegilops L. species as genome progenitors of bread wheat based on sequence diversity in trnT-F region of chloroplast DNA
Dizkirici, Ayten; Kansu, Cigdem; Önde, Sertaç; AVCI BİRSİN, MELAHAT; Ozgen, Murat; Kaya, Zeki (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2013-12-01)
Cultivated wheat, (Triticum aestivum L.), is one of the most important food crops in the world. The Aegilops L. genus is frequently utilized by plant breeders for improving the current wheat cultivars due to their close relationships. Therefore, understanding the phylogenetic relationships among the species of these genera is not only valuable for plant taxonomy, but also for plant breeding efforts. The presented phylogenetic analysis was based on the sequences of trnT-F chloroplast DNA containing three non...
Phylogenetic relationships of Elymus L and related genera Poaceae Triticeae Dumort based on the nuclear ribosomal internal transcribed spacer sequences
Dizkırıcı, Ayten; Kaya, Zeki; Cabi, Evren; Doğan, Musa (2010-01-01)
Phylogenetic relationship of six Astragalus sections based on ITS (Internal Transcribed Spacer) regions of genomic DNA
Ateş, Mevlüde Alev; Karaman Erkul, Seher; Önde, Sertaç; Aytaç, Zeki; Kaya, Zeki (null; 2017-04-05)
Phylogenetic relationships among native Oxytropis species in Turkey using the trnL intron, trnL-F IGS, and trnV intron cpDNA regions
Tekpinar, Ayten; KARAMAN ERKUL, SEHER; AYTAÇ, ZEKİ; Kaya, Zeki (2016-01-01)
We tested the phylogenetic utility of three chloroplast DNA loci, i.e. the trnL((UAA)) intron,trnL((UAA))-F-(GAA) intergenic spacer (IGS), and trnV((UAC)) intron, across thirteen native Oxytropis species. Our objective was to determine whether any of these chloroplast DNA markers could be beneficial to figure out phylogenetic relationships among Oxytropis species. To increase the interspecific sampling, nine sequences of the trnL intron and trnL-F regions were retrieved from GenBank and included in the anal...
Phylogenetic relationships of Turkish Salix species Analysis based on chloroplast and nuclear sequence data
Acar, Pelin; Özdemir Değirmenci, Funda; Kaya, Zeki (null; 2016-06-30)
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M. A. Ateş, M. E. Uzunhisarcıklı, E. Doğan Güner, S. Önde, M. Ekici, and Z. Kaya, “Phylogenetic Relationship Of Scrophularia Species In Turkey Based On Non Coding trn Regions and matK Gene Region Of Chloroplast Genome,” 2016, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: