Durability of calcium sulfoaluminate-Portland cement blends

Uçal, Gültekin Ozan
Ardoğa, Mehmet Kemal
Sucu, Melike
Delibaş, Tuğhan
Yaman, İsmail Özgür


Durability of PEM fuel cell electrocatalysts prepared by microwave irradiation technique
Sayin, Elif Seda; BAYRAKÇEKEN YURTCAN, Ayşe; Eroğlu, İnci (2012-11-01)
In this study, the durability of the PEM fuel cell electrocatalysts was investigated by using cyclic voltammetry (CV) and rotating disk electrode (RDE) techniques. Accelerated degradation tests (ADTs) were applied to the commercial catalysts and the electrocatalysts prepared by microwave irradiation technique in order to determine the platinum dissolution/agglomeration and carbon corrosion characteristics. The parameters examined for the commercial catalysts were carbon to Nafion (C/N) ratio in the catalyst...
Durability assessment of Central Anatolian (Kayseri- aksaray) tuffs to be used as building stone
Ertaş Deniz, Burcu; Topal, Tamer; Department of Geological Engineering (2016)
Tuffs have been extensively used as a source of building stone for outdoor and indoor decorations because of their light color, light weight, good heat and sound insulation characteristics. However, there are no successful criteria in the world to be applicable for durability assessment of the tuffs. The purpose of this study is to assess the longterm durability of the tuffs taken from different local quarries and used as building materials in the ancient monuments mainly located in Kayseri and Aksaray prov...
Durability assessment of the basalts used in the Diyarbakr City Walls, Turkey
Dursun, Felat; Topal, Tamer (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2019-08-01)
The Diyarbakr City Walls (DCW), which were recently added to UNESCO's World Heritage List, are among the largest and one of the most impressive monuments from ancient times. The history of the DCW stretches back more than 4000 years, therefore making the extant City Walls a combination and reflection of influences of the various civilizations that settled in the region. Basalts having such different textural properties as massive and vesicular were employed as the principal material in the construction of t...
Durability assessment of some Cappadocian tuffs using factor analysis, multiple regression analysis, and analytical hierarchy process
Deniz, B. Ertas; Topal, Tamer (2022-01-01)
Tuff located in Central Anatolia (Cappadocia) has been used as a building stone in many historical monuments, churches, and mosques. Although some of the tuffs used in those historical structures show good performances, the others yield poor performances with their physical and mechanical properties varying in large ranges. This study aims to assess the durability of the tuffs using factor analysis (FA), multiple regression analysis (MRA), and analytical hierarchy process (AHP). In current study, thirteen t...
Diametral strength testing of hydroxyapatites doped with yttrium and fluoride
Evis, Zafer; Sun, Z. P. (2010-10-01)
This study aimed to investigate the diametral strength testing of hydroxyapatite (HA) doped with Y and fluoride with different compositions. Hydroxyapatites were synthesised by precipitation method and sintered at 900, 1100 and 1300 degrees C for 1 h. High amounts of doping caused a decrease in relative densities of HAs. Higher sintering temperatures helped in increasing the relative densities. No second phases were observed by X-ray diffraction spectra of 2.5 mol.-%Y and 2.5 mol.-%F doped HA after the sint...
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G. O. Uçal, M. K. Ardoğa, M. Sucu, T. Delibaş, and İ. Ö. Yaman, “Durability of calcium sulfoaluminate-Portland cement blends,” 2018, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: https://hdl.handle.net/11511/84046.