A 3000 year chronology of North Anatolian Fault ruptures, utilizing magnetic susceptibility trench logging, near Lake Ladik, Turkey

Fraser, Jeff
Pigati, Jeff
Hubert-ferrari, Aurelia
Vanneste, Kris
Avşar, Ulaş
Altınok, Sevgi


A 3000 yr paleoseismological history of the central East Anatolian Fault (Turkey) based on sedimentary record of Hazar Lake
Lamaır, Laura; Hubert-ferrari, Aurelia; Hage, Sophie; Avşar, Ulaş; Schmidt, Sabine; Çağatay, Namık (null; 2017-10-12)
The East Anatolian Fault (EAF) is a major left-lateral strike-slip fault accommodating with the conjugate North Anatolian Fault the westward extrusion of the Anatolian Plate away from the Arabia-Eurasia collision zone. During the 20th century, the EAF activity was mostly quiestcent with only two events of magnitude greater than 6 recorded (1905 Malatya and the 1971 Bingol earthquakes). Historical seismicity suggests that the EAF is capable of generating earthquakes of magnitude greater than 7. In order to r...
A 2800-year multi-proxy sedimentary record of climate change from Lake Cubuk (Goynuk, Bolu, NW Anatolia)
OCAKOĞLU, FARUK; Doenmez, Emel Oybak; AKBULUT, AYDIN; TUNOĞLU, CEMAL; Kır, Osman; Açıkalın, Sanem; Erayık, Cemal; Yılmaz, İsmail Ömer; Leroy, Suzan (2016-02-01)
The sediment of Lake Cubuk in NW Anatolia, which is situated very close to the climate boundary between the dry Central Anatolia and the wet Marmara region, is regarded as a suitable climate archive to test inward and outward movements of this boundary in accordance with past climate variations. Herein, we study the stratigraphic record of the last 2800years of this landslide-dammed lake at 1030m elevation, using multi-proxy tools (sedimentology, major and trace element geochemistry, stable isotopes, pollen...
A 3800 yr paleoseismic record (Lake Hazar sediments, eastern Turkey): Implications for the East Anatolian Fault seismic cycle
Hubert-Ferrari, Aurelia; Lamair, Laura; Hage, Sophie; Schmidt, Sabine; Cagatay, M. Namik; Avşar, Ulaş (Elsevier BV, 2020-05-15)
The East Anatolian Fault (EAF) in Turkey is a major active left-lateral strike-slip fault that was seismically active during the 19th century but mostly quiet during the 20th century. Geodetic data suggests that the fault is creeping along its central part. Here we focus on its seismic history as recorded in the sediments of Lake Hazar in the central part of the EAF. Sediment cores were studied using X-ray imagery, magnetic susceptibility, grain-size, loss-on-ignition and X-ray fluorescence measurements. Re...
A 3000-Year Record of Ground-Rupturing Earthquakes along the Central North Anatolian Fault near Lake Ladik, Turkey
Fraser, Jeff; Pigati, J. S.; Hubert-Ferrari, Aurelia; Vanneste, Krıs; Avşar, Ulaş; Altinok, S. (Seismological Society of America (SSA), 2009-10-01)
The North Anatolian fault (NAF) is a similar to 1500 km long, arcuate, dextral strike-slip fault zone in northern Turkey that extends from the Karliova triple junction to the Aegean Sea. East of Bolu, the fault zone exhibits evidence of a sequence of large (M-w > 7) earthquakes that occurred during the twentieth century that displayed a migrating earthquake sequence from east to west. Prolonged human occupation in this region provides an extensive, but not exhaustive, historical record of large earthquakes ...
A 3400 year lacustrine paleoseismic record from the North Anatolian Fault, Turkey: Implications for bimodal recurrence behavior
Avşar, Ulaş; Batist, Marc De; Fagel, Nathalie (American Geophysical Union (AGU), 2014-1-28)
High-resolution physical, geochemical, and geochronological analyses on the sedimentary sequence of Yenicaa Lake, located in a fault-bounded basin along the North Anatolian Fault, reveal fingerprints of paleoearthquakes. A robust sediment chronology, spanning the last 3400 years, is constructed by radiocarbon dating and time-stratigraphical correlation with the precisely dated Sofular Cave speleothem record. Yenicaa sedimentary sequence contains 11 seismically induced event deposits characterized by silicic...
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J. Fraser, J. Pigati, A. Hubert-ferrari, K. Vanneste, U. Avşar, and S. Altınok, “A 3000 year chronology of North Anatolian Fault ruptures, utilizing magnetic susceptibility trench logging, near Lake Ladik, Turkey,” 2008, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: https://hdl.handle.net/11511/84213.