Towards continuous remote estimates of flooded area in the Sudd Wetland

Wilusz, Daniel C
Zaitchik, Benjamin
Anderson, Martha C
Hain, Christopher R
Yılmaz, Mustafa Tuğrul
2014 UCOWR / NIWR/ CUAHSI Annual Conference, (18 - 20 Haziran 2014)


Towards Usable Solutions to Graphical Password Hotspot Problem
BIÇAKCI, KEMAL; ATALAY, NART BEDİN; Yuceel, Mustafa; Gurbaslar, Hakan; Erdeniz, Burak (2009-07-24)
Click based graphical passwords that use background images suffer from hot-spot problem. Previous graphical password schemes based on recognition of images do not have a sufficiently large password space suited for most Internet applications. In this paper, we propose two novel graphical password methods based on recognition of icons to solve the hotspot problem without decreasing the password space. The experiment we have conducted that compares the security and usability of proposed methods with earlier w...
Towards Development of a Model for Acceptance of Software Process Improvement Models in SMEs: Preliminary Findings
Durmuş, Suna; Özkan Yıldırım, Sevgi; Özcan Top, Özden (2021-06-01)
The software industry is playing a significant role in development of economies all over the world. It is mainly made up of small and medium software enterprises (SMEs). These companies aim to benefit from Software Process Improvements (SPI) to increase product quality and productivity in a competitive environment. Several SPI models and frameworks have been developed to improve software quality in SMEs. As SPI require organizational change and adaptation to new tools, techniques and work practices; organiz...
Towards an appraisal of the academic literature on determinants of child labour in Turkey
Sağlam, Burcu; Vural, İpek Eren; Department of Social Policy (2014)
This thesis has two interrelated aims. First, it aims to assess the mainstream theoretical approaches that account for the causes of increasing significance of child labour. Secondly, it aims to locate the evolution of child within its political economic context of capitalist development and crisis in Turkey especially since the 1980s. The thesis argues that changing dynamics of capitalist development especially since the 1970s, (such as the internationalisation of capital, the growing dominance of money fo...
Sen Guzin, Sen Guzin; Sener, Bahar (2015-07-31)
Mobile music listening can be traced back to the introduction of Sony Walkman that upgraded music players both with privacy and portability. With the mobile listening media, our daily journeys in public environment have become more privatized, aestheticized and contented. It is a challenge to perform such a private activity in public environment with many people and audio-visual stimuli around. The journeys with music become additionally challenging with the music players' interfaces confined into tiny butt...
Towards improvement of interaction aesthetics of mobile music listening journeys
Sen, Güzin; Şener Pedgley, Bahar (2015-01-01)
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D. C. Wilusz, B. Zaitchik, M. C. Anderson, C. R. Hain, and M. T. Yılmaz, “Towards continuous remote estimates of flooded area in the Sudd Wetland,” presented at the 2014 UCOWR / NIWR/ CUAHSI Annual Conference, (18 - 20 Haziran 2014), 2014, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: