The Role of Decreasing Balance Sheet Constraints on Financial Firms in Explaining Bubbles

Eastern Economic Association Meetings (2011)


The role of phenotypic personality traits as dimensions of decision-making styles
Gülseven, Osman (2019-01-01)
İNTİŞAH, Merve; Büyükboyacı Hanay, Mürüvvet İlknur; Department of Economics (2022-2)
We theoretically and experimentally study the effect of random noise on effort level in individual and three different types of group contests: perfect-substitutes, best-shot, and weakest-link. Subjects compete for either a high prize value or a low prize value in individual contests. The theoretical model shows that individual effort increases with prize value but decreases with noise variance. Our experiment finds that in individual contests, subjects who compete for a low prize decrease their efforts as ...
The Impact of Modeling on Robust Inventory Management Under Demand Uncertainty
Solyali, Oguz; Cordeau, Jean-Francois; Laporte, Gilbert (2016-04-01)
This study considers a basic inventory management problem with nonzero fixed order costs under interval demand uncertainty. The existing robust formulations obtained by applying well-known robust optimization methodologies become computationally intractable for large problem instances due to the presence of binary variables. This study resolves this intractability issue by proposing a new robust formulation that is shown to be solvable in polynomial time when the initial inventory is zero or negative. Becau...
Kentsel Dokuların Dolaşım Sistemlerinin İşleyişindeki Rolü
Zorlu, Fikret (Middle East Technical University, Faculty of Architecture, 2008)
Ulaşım planlaması ve kentsel tasarım yazınında kentsel dokuların tasarımı, oluşumu ve özellikleri konusunda yaygın çalışmalar bulunmasına rağmen, yol ağlarının kentsel trafiğin işleyişi üzerindeki etkilerini inceleyen az sayıda çalışma vardır (1). Bu çalışmada kentsel dokular ile ulaşım sistemleri arasındaki ilişki irdelenmektedir. Bunun için kentsel tasarım yazınında tanımlanmış bazı temel dokulardan yola çıkılarak kavramsal yol ağları oluşturulmakta ve bu yol ağlarının öngörülen bazı yolculuk istem...
The Role of emotions and emotion regulation in the system justification process
Solak, Nevin; Sümer, Nebi; Jost, John T.; Department of Psychology (2015)
The studies of emotions and emotion regulation from the social psychological perspective have been dominated by two general approaches, namely, individual and group-based research perspectives (e.g., Frijda, 1986; Gross, 2014; Halperin, 2014; Smith, Seger, & Mackie, 2007). Considering that emotions cannot only be limited to the individual- and the group-level contexts, the system-level dynamics (Stangor & Jost, 1997) should be examined to better understand their impacts on both individual and society. Drawi...
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